Top 7 Risks You Are Taking With Traditional Web Design

A website is a great tool to promote your brand online. It will help you gain customers and also increase sales. In traditional website design, a company site remains unaltered for 2-3 years, this may be due to time constraints and lack of funding.  Thus, making your brand less progressive and it will also lose its search engine rankings.

In such a case, Growth Driven Design is a better option. Today we will discuss the top 7 risks associated with Traditional Web Design and how Growth Driven Design can help to overcome them.

1. Upfront costs are high:

A company must make upfront payment when opting for traditional website design. The cost is very high and once payment has been made there is turning back.  Also, it doesn’t ensure that the launched website will get more leads for your business.

On the other hand, Growth driven designing doesn’t involve a large cost as payments are made on the monthly basis. So with each passing month, your website is improving rather than sitting idle for a redesign.

2. Exceeds Budget:

Traditional website design usually exceeds the budget of companies; this is because it’s difficult to estimate how much a re-design project will actually cost. The entire website is being developed at once and there are many factors which can hinder this process. Proper planning is essential while carrying out such projects.

A growth driven design doesn’t exceed the budget of companies; as payments are made on a monthly basis. In addition, it allows the opportunity to plan every step of the way for unknown factors.

3. Too much development time:

This is not new for Traditional web design. Before, designing takes place it’s crucial for the business to identify the buyer’s needs and their product’s abilities.  But since it takes a lot of time, in-depth planning takes a back seat and businesses are not willing to lose focus of other projects. A we will only give a brief estimate of time to complete the project. It’s a joint effort and both the business and development agency should work together to complete it.

Growth Driven design effectively resolves the problem of time. Designing begins only when the buyer’s needs and the product abilities are identified. After which demo sites are created, they cover all the items necessary for your website. In addition, everything is prioritized so you can launch your new site and add new features along the way.

traditional web design

4. Design work is subjective:

In the traditional method, a web design agency will develop a site which is based on their own practices rather than tired and tested information. This site will not generate more leads and traffic for your business.

Growth Driven Design is based on facts and trends in website optimization (i.e. which pages are frequently visited and what type of content attracts more visitors). An agency will make use of these trends to create high performing sites.

5. No scope for updates:

A website redesign project will take 2 to 3 years to complete. During this period a lot of changes can take place in the industry as well as your business. For example, you now offer new products or services which were not included in the original site design 3 years ago. This might put you right back to planning and re-drafting your original site design.

On the hand, growth driven design evolves as your business evolves. This means every month you can analyze and tweak your website to make it fully competent. Also by tracking viewer visits, you will be able to identify areas which attract more traffic and create more viewer specific content as well.

6. Poor user interface:

If a reworked website is launched, there is little to identify problems a site might have (i.e. poor navigation etc.). This may result in fewer viewer visits to your website.

Growth driven designs involve making changes on a continuous basis. This makes it easier to spot glitches and they can be fixed right away.

7. Greater visibility:

Traditional website designs remain unaltered for 2-3 years hence making them less visible on search engines. Growth driven designs are continuously optimized so they receive a better ranking on search engines and this results in greater visibility of the brand.

So, it’s time to ditch your traditional web design for a growth driven design. It will generate better leads and make your website your best weapon for brand promotion.

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