Open Source Web Development – A Complete Package

Open source development has become the newest way of web development and is commonly known as open source web development. Over the years, the concept of open source development has made a great impact and offered the users with numerous rich benefits. For this reason, it is a widely used process for web development.

For those who don’t know, open source development provides access to the source of the product for developing, designing, and distributing. It offers easy customization to the users, and hence, has become popular and is being used frequently for developing professional websites.

Why is Open Source Web Development a Better Option

Open source web development offers free of cost codes for the web development. It enables users to use distinct functions specific to their requirements of web development. Open source web development offer users to understand the overall functionalities of a program and make modifications for the latest updates.

Most of the products obtained through open source web development are used by the developers for dynamic industry presentations in form of customized websites, templates, and other online tools.

Benefits of Open Source Web Development

In addition to offering easy customization and latest designing and development concepts, open source web development offers more other benefits to the users, such as:

  • Speedy web application development
  • Convenient content management
  • Customization flexibility
  • No requirement of using additional safety tools
  • Integrated management
  • High-quality software development

Most importantly, the software for open source development is available for free. Hence, the cost of website development is usually lesser than otherwise. Another added advantage is that the e-commerce website and shopping cart website development gets very easy with open source development. If you are looking out for hassle-free debugging and programming, then open source web development is the best choice.

Open source web development

Best Open Source Web Development Tools

To avail the benefits of open source development, here we list some of the top open source web development tools!

1. Angular JS

This is a JavaScript framework ideal for dynamic web applications. It is ideal for single-page web applications and supports data-binding and filters with HTML attributes. Also, it supports forms, DOM handling, and form validation. The tool is developed by Brat Tech LLC, Google and was released in 2009.

2. Node.js

Another excellent open source web development tool is a JavaScript runtime built on Google Chrome V8 JavaScript engine. With open source cross-platform runtime functionality, it is perfect to develop server-side web applications. It is based on non-blocking, event-driven input-output model, which makes it more efficient and faster. Released in 2009 by Ryan Dahl, it is one of the best open source development tools available.

3. Bootstrap

This is a free open source tool popular for its fast development of responsive designs. With its own unique grids, classes, navigation, buttons, forms, containers, and JavaScript extensions, it can meet your diverse needs at once. It is one of the finest open source tools available with more than 38,000 forks.

4. Brackets

This is a popular open source code editing tool for CSS, JavaScript, and HTML. The tool is developed by Adobe and outlined in JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. It makes development much faster and supports live preview of the browser in the editor itself. The tool was released on November 2014.

5. Atom

Presently, it is one of the highly popular text editors. It is a hackable text editor for the 21st century and supports cross-platform editing. It supports a built-in package manager, AngularJS support, smart auto-completion, Jshint, Atom TypeScript, and turbo JavaScript that are highly helpful for faster rapid web development.

6. Firebug

Another excellent tool for open source web development is Firebug. It is an extension of Mozilla Firefox that facilitates debugging, editing, and monitoring HTML, JavaScript, and CSS on a live webpage. It visualizes CSS metrics, edits and inspects HTML, quickly finds errors, explores DOM, manages cookies, has logging for JavaScript. The tool was developed in 2006 by Joe Hewitt.


XAMPP is a cross-platform tool that is popular among the developers for its libraries. While using it, the developers don’t have to worry about installing and configuring MariaDB, PHP, and Apache.

Open source web development can add a new edge to your development process, and with varieties of development tools available, the process becomes much easier to carry. Just try out these tools to explore more other benefits of open source web development.

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