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Reduce Bounce Rate With Zero Bounce WordPress Plugin

Almost all bloggers and webmasters struggle with the bounce rate on their websites. Most blogs and websites have a bounce rate of around 50-70%. For those who pursue blogging only as a hobby bounce rate doesn’t really matter to them. But for those who pursue blogging as a means to make money online and especially the affiliate marketers, bounce rate is extremely important. Higher the bounce rate, higher the loss of potential customers.

How Zero Bounce Works

Zero Bounce is a premium WordPress plugin. The lowest price for the plugin is $49 which is valid for 5 sites. For $69, you can use the plugin on 15 sites. The highest plan comes with a $149 price tag. For that, you can use the plugin on 300 sites. All the above plans come with a 24/7 support and lifetime free updates. After you make the payment, you will get a license key which you can use to activate the plugin.

After you activate the plugin, you will get a page like this where you find all the options of where and when to redirect your visitors.

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Zero Bounce works in a simple way. It only has one main functionality – redirection. To where the redirection occurs, that’s up to you. With Zero Bounce, you have the option of providing single or multiple urls to which the redirection will occur.

Plugin Options

The plugin basically redirects the visitor to a page that you set to when the visitor clicks on the back button. When you have enabled the multiple url options, visitors will be redirected to pages in a rotational manner.

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Based on Referrer

You can redirect your visitors based on the referrer which means if your visitor comes from Google, Facebook or Bing, you can redirect them to a particular set of pages. You also have the option of deactivating the plugin after a certain amount of time. You just need to put in the value of after how many seconds the plugin will be activated.

Redirect By Device

You can also redirect your visitors according to the device they are visiting with. You can redirect the visitors based on mobile and desktop. You also have the option of redirecting a certain percentage of the visitors that comes to your site.

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You also have the option of redirecting the visitors when they try to close the website or browser. You also can enable the option where an individual visitor will only be redirected once during the first time.

Advantages of Using Zero Bounce

The main advantage of using Zero Bounce is there will be a dramatic decrease in the bounce rate. The lower your bounce rate, higher your chance of converting it into profit.

Because of lower bounce rate, you can get increased sales. The average bounce rate for most websites is 50-70%. You can decrease that dramatically. Because visitors will be spending more time on your site, your affiliate sales will go up.

So, make sure you check out this awesome plugin. It can really help you lower that bounce rate.

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