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Facebook At Work : A New App Aimed At Enterprise Users

Facebook recently launched it’s new app – Facebook At Work which is aimed at enterprise users. According to Facebook, multinational corporations will now be able to use this app to setup a communication system between their own employees similar to how Microsoft’s Lync works.

The user’s Facebook At Work account will be completely separate from their regular account. The posts and updates that users share will also not be visible outside of the corporations. Users will be communicate with their co-workers easily and the posts will only be visible to other people in the same organization.

facebook at work facebook at work

But before the user can register for a Work account, the company that the user works for has to be registered. Once the company is registered, the user can go to company.facebook.com and register themselves. Once registered, the user can either download the iOS app or the Android app and start using it.

Features of Facebook at Work

The most prominent feature of Facebook is that users will be able to connect their work account with their personal account. Users will be able to switch between the two accounts which might raise some eyebrows. Many organizations block access to Facebook because it leads to reduction of employee productivity. This feature may not be very popular among corporate employers. The username and password of the work account will not be shared with the employer.

facebook at work facebook at work

The profile will have information provided by your employer. Facebook states that if users want to change the details being shown on their profiles they will need to contact the Human Resource Department of their employer.

For more information on Facebook At Work, you can check out Facebook’s official FAQ page.

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