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Expand Your Online Business With InMotion Hosting

Hosting is an important factor when you’re running a blog or an online business. I’ve been with WebHostingHub for 2 years now. WebHostingHub is good for average to medium level of traffic. But if you want more stability and reliability, then InMotion Hosting is the best choice for you.

InMotion Hosting is actually the parent company of WebHostingHub. They offer Shared Hosting, Reseller Hosting,  VPS Hosting and Dedicated Servers as well.

The company has an incredible track record. It has a customer base of 20,000 and provides premier support to all kinds of customers. From providing tips and how to’s helping you setting up your account – the company provides all kinds of support from beginners to experienced professionals.

inmotion hosting

How InMotion Hosting Can Help To Expand Your Online Business

Running an online business requires planning and strategy which is why you need a reliable host that will take care of all the technical things.

Business Hosting

If you’re in the beginning stages of your online business, I recommend that you go with Business Hosting.

The pricing starts with $5.99/month. However, the most ideal plan for a small business is the Power Plan which costs $7.99/month. The Pro plan costs $13.99/month.

inmotion hosting

What separates InMotion from the rest of the competition are it’s features.

  • You get free Solid State Devices which has higher write/read speeds than traditional hard disk drives. This ensures that your content is retrieved quickly on the client browser.
  • You get a free domain for a year, whether you buy a new hosting or for an existing transfer.
  • You get a 90-day money back guarantee.
  • You get free data backups, which is rare for other web hosting companies.
  • InMotion hosting supports a lot of open source programming languages like PostgreSQL, MySQL, Ruby, PHP, PERL, Python etc.
  • The company provides Secure IMAP email which enables customers to access their email securely from any remote location.
  • InMotion has data centers both in the East and West coast locations. You have the option of choosing your preferred data centers.
  • The company also provides SSH access through which users can administer their sites through command line.
  • InMotion hosting also supports Google Apps Integration.

VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting or Virtual Private Servers are more powerful than Shared Hosting because they have their own copy of operating systems running on the systems.

The lowest plan for VPS Hosting starts from $29.99/month. It comes with a 4GB RAM, 2TB Monthly Premium Transfer and 6GB of RAID 6 Fault Tolerance Disk Space. The higher the plan you go for better the hardware configuration and performance.
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Dedicated Servers

For any web host, dedicated servers are the most powerful services they provide. They are also the most expensive among all the plans.

With InMotion hosting, the lowest plan comes with a $119.99/month price tag and the highest plan comes with a $229.99/month price tag. You can configure your own servers. They can handle massive amounts of traffic. They also have a very high performing processor generally in the range of Intel Itanium and Xeon processors.

inmotion hosting

Reseller Hosting

Reseller Hosting allows customers to run their own hosting companies. The lowest Reseller Hosting plan on InMotion Hosting comes with a price tag of $13.99/month. You get 80GB of disk space, 800GB of monthly bandwidth transfer and also a free dedicated IP.

The higher you go, higher the performance and benefit you get.

inmotion hosting

Whether it’s a blog or an online business or if you want to run a hosting company, InMotion hosting is the perfect web host for you.

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