3 Plugins To Use When You Don’t Have CommentLuv Premium

CommentLuv Premium is a collection of 8 plugins in one. You can’t compete with it directly. But not everyone of us can afford to buy it or don’t want to. commentluv-premium2

Well, those who don’t want to or can’t, there are some other plugins which you can use with the free CommentLuv plugin to make it look and work like CommentLuv Premium.

I myself, am using these plugins and I’m sure it would help me a lot.

Now, let’s see which plugins I’m using.

1. Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin

Developed by Andy Bailey himself, this plugin adds a client side generated checkbox to your comment form which will ask user to confirm that they are not a spammer. It is very useful to stop many spam comments made by bots.

Here’s how it will look when you enable it.


2. Twitterlink Comments

This is another great plugin that lets your commenters provide their twitter username which will then be shown with your comments. It increases the probability of increasing one’s twitter followers by some easy methods.

Even the commenters will be able to increase their twitter followers by commenting on the blog. You will only need to add the username unless it changes.

Here’s the design of the twitter form.


Here’s how it will look when someone comments with their twitter username.


3. Subscribe to Comments Reloaded

This is a great plugin to increase traffic to your blog. With this plugin, commenters can subscribe to subsequent entries if they choose to do so. If a new comment is posted, then the subscriber will receive a notification in their inbox that a new comment has been made. The curiosity can bring them back to your blog.

After installing this plugin and the above two ones, you’re free commentluv would look exactly like the premium commentluv.

Here’s how my comment form looks like.



There’s no way you can compete with the premium version of commentluv because it has lots of high security features and some other top features. But those who can’t afford to buy the premium plugin, the free version along with the plugins that I have mentioned will work good.

Do share your views with us what you think about these plugins. We would love to have your feedback.

Author: Lahaul Seth

A programmer and a web developer, he is the founder of Lion Blogger. His main hobbies are web design & development and providing writing services to clients.

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  1. Thanks for such interesting and terrific post.
    Really useful and helpful information. I’ve twitted your blog.

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  2. Hello Lahaul ,
    Very informative article. However, I got a question. If I get commentluv premium, on how many blogs I can put this plugin on ? Or is it like I have to buy premium commentluv seperately for each blog ?


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    • I haven’t used commentluv for a long time now. But as far as I can remember, they have both single site license as well as multi-site license. The multi-site license will naturally cost more than the single site license.

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  3. Great alternative of commentluv , Thanks For Sharing with us.

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  4. Hello Lahaul,
    Can I use the free version in my blog too? If yes, then after downloading the plugin, what is the next step? As I am new to this I am facing some problems integrating the plugin to my blog.

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  5. Hi Lahaul..
    Sure I really like CommentLuv plugin and really want to buy but $97 is too expensive for me 🙂
    Maybe I need a little time to get this plugin.

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  6. Hi,
    I would like to get the premium Commentluv plugin. Please can you give it away for free? I will definitely appreciate.

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  7. I won’t bother installing this plugin at all whether for free or as a paid service. I would think it would only raise flags from Panda and other algorithms. Anything that strips out the “nofollow” is no good.

    I prefer keeping the conversation natural and the link building natural without the low ranking benefits of commenting.

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  8. Great! I was searching for something like this for a long time. Will definitely make use of Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin…

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  9. Awesome post If I knew about these tools before I wouldn’t be purchasing Comment Luv Premium 😀

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    • Thanks Anis for dropping off a comment. You can use this plugin to make a free commentluv a premium one. All of them works great.

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  10. this is an awesome post. I find it really interesting and helpful. Thank you for sharing this.

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  11. Yes Lahaul Seth, Glad to review your article on comment luv, have to ask i question, how do i post my link along with keyword on commentluv enabled blog. Seem lot’s of people’s targeting their link with the comments. So I impressed, but i don’t know how do i post comment like them. Do you know?

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  12. Commentluv really work best. As I obeserve my site grow in visitors considering the time that I installed this widget.

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  13. This is awesome! Thank you for sharing such interesting and informative post. This is very well written

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  14. I was looking for “commentluv premium vs free features” and found this article via another site. Being a technology evangelist who is in constant look out for new and interesting tech developments I must say this was an interesting article. Thanks.

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  15. Thank you for this ! You made my free CommentLuv to almost premium one 😀

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  16. Thanks for this timely write up. Spamming on wordpress is really embarrassing. It wasn’t that much when I was in Blogger; but since I migrated to WordPress, spamming has been a major issue.
    It would be better to instal Commentluv if you can afford it.

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  17. HI Lahaul Seth, Chery Here again I did just go and download this commentluv the free version I guess before I go putting this to work for me on my blog I was wondering what happens all of the comments that I already have on my blog Can you Please explain to me how this all works I would appreciate your help Thanks in advance Chery 🙂

    Post a Reply
    • They will remain intact. They will not get removed if you are worried about that. Let me know if this helps.

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      • Yes this is what I was worried about I will let you know when I am ready to get comentluv I do hear the premium is way better. I did download the free version but not sure If I will ven use this. I suppose I could just use this until I get the new one HUH? Well thanks for the reply Chery 🙂

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    • Your comments are in tact Chery. the premium version will only make commenting better on your blog

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  18. I have been seeing this commentluv on almost every blog I visit. I didn;t realize that there was a free version. I am going to go and check this out Of course I really should just go ahead and get the Premium version as Wade said above But I do have some other Priorities right now ! Thanks for sharing Chery 🙂

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  19. Hi Lahaul,
    While commentluv Premium is a complete package bundling these plugins and even more, if the prize is a barrier, installing these separately is not a problem. This is good material for those who can afford to buy CL Premium. Like @Wade said, for the sake of speed have an all-in-one plugin is better

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  20. These all do the same as CommentLuv Premium. These were what I used, but for reasons of speed, I bought the premium plugin so I could lose some of the extras.

    You also left out ReplyMe, a feature of Premium that emails the commenter when someone has replied. This thanks them after they have commented, and also does the reply. That’s two different plugins right there!

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    • Actually I left out ReplyMe, because I saw that the plugin hasn’t been updated for over two years. I didn’t want to refer such an outdated plugin.
      Thanks for the comment, Wade.

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  21. How neat! I had no idea about this plugins. I personally use Disqus but it’s good to know I have other options available to me. Thanks for sharing!


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    • Hi Ti, thanks for stopping by. These plugins are are very helpful when you don’t have premium commentluv. Keep visiting.

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      • hi Lahaul Seth ! 🙂
        very use full this plugin but I need option for confirm for you are not spammer … plz help me how i get this option on free version ……..any possiblity for get this option plz reply ……….. thanks in advance…..:)

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