Things To Do Before and After Buying a Blog

Buying and selling a blog is very common nowadays. This post comes from my own observation when a good blogger friend of mine sold his blog on Flippa. I was interested because I wanted to see how the new owner of an established blog would manage it. Let’s not forget that the old owner had spent months creating content and bringing traffic to that blog. So, it would be quite interesting to watch.buying-a-blog

I decided to write this post because from my observation, I was able to conclude that the new owner was not really on his feet when he started posting new content. The comments stopped coming and the reader interaction had gone down to almost zero.

Before Buying a Blog

1. Study the type of Audience

This is the most important thing to do before buying a blog. You just cannot buy any blog from anyone without first getting to know the type of audience.

The most easiest way to conduct this study is to read the comments on some of the old posts. You just cannot write something that will be loved by the blog’s current reader base. If you’re not familiar with type of content that the current readers love then, you would simply lose them and with that valuable traffic that the old owner was able to create.

2. Study the type of Content

This is another important study that you have to do before buying a blog from someone. The type and relevancy of a blog’s content is the lifeline. So, you need to have an idea about what kind of content goes with the blog name and the readers.

Similar to the 1st point, if you aren’t able to create the content that the readers love then there is no way you can utilize that reader base even if you have a big one. In that case,  it would be like starting a new blog because you would need new type of readers for your new type of content.

3. Study the sources of Traffic

Organic traffic is essential for any blog. But, it can’t be the only source. You need other sources as well through social media or content marketing sites like Bloggers , BizSugar , BlogEngage & Blokube etc. Chances are that the old owner already has established some authority in these spheres which makes your job a lot easier.

So, studying these sources is important because you need traffic.

After Buying a Blog

1. Keeping the old audience and bringing new ones

After you have bought your blog, you need to keep getting traffic and as the new owner, the immediate way to do that would be from the current readers created by the old owner. This is probably the most useful thing about buying a blog. You get readers and traffic. There’s no doubt that would still need to bring in new visitors to grow your blog. So, whenever you’re posting new content, keep in mind the old audience.

2. Keeping the content relevant and useful

relevant-contentAfter buying a blog, for sometime the old readers would be your lifeline. Whatever you have to achieve, it will be with the help of them. So, try keeping your new contents similar to the old contents. People don’t like change. See what types of comment you get when you post something, You could always ask for their feedback.

Convince them that you will live upto their expectation is the way to go.

3. Maintaining the old sources of traffic and creating new ones

Like I said, a blog has different sources of traffic. Everyone knows about organic traffic. What you need to do as the new owner is to establish yourself in the social media sites.

When the old owner was running things, he got traffic not only because of his content but also because of his relation with other bloggers. You need to do the same.

Using content marketing sites and social media is very important. Let’s not forget you also need to create new sources of traffic.

Look for new ways to get traffic. Don’t just rely on the old sources just because you have bought a high traffic established blog.

4. Don’t promote your other business just yet

You may have other business that you want to promote using your new blog. Well I say, don’t just start doing that the next day. That is very annoying for the readers. In doing so, you could lose some of the old readers.

The best way to do this would be to wait for a few weeks , grow your interaction with the readers and then promoting your other business.


Before jumping into buying a new blog for yourself, do keep in mind what I mentioned. It could help you get to the top more quickly than you know.

What do you think about the points I have mentioned ? Do share your views with us. We would love to have your feedback.

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