5 Ways To Overcome Writer’s Block

Writer’s block can crop up anytime. It can happen to anyone. Being a productive blogger requires hard work and determination. Competition is stiff in the blogging industry.writer's-block

You need to stay on top of your blogging game at all times. And to do that you need to be productive with all your posts. Here’s how you can overcome writer’s block and produce productive posts for your readers every time.

1. Research

Doing continuous research for your blog is the most important thing to do when you want to stay on top your game. No matter whatever niche you’re in, you need to do research for your blog.

An idea won’t sprung on your mind just out of nowhere. Performing a Google News search on your topic or niche is always a good idea.

2. Surfing other Blogs

Surfing other blogs is crucial because you need to know what your competitor is writing about. Knowing your competitor’s strength as well as your weakness is important.

You also need to check out some of the top bloggers in your niche to see what they are writing about. In order to up your game, you need knowledge about some of the best topics in your niche. Probably, the best way to do this is to check out some of the top blogs in your own niche.

3. Connecting with other Bloggers

Connecting with your fellow bloggers is another good way to become a more productive blogger. Having some friends always helps. Sometimes, they or their blog content can provide some important ideas for your own content.

Connecting with them in social media is useful as you will be able to see what they share and what they like. That makes you productive.

4. Wise use of Social Media

Social media can be very helpful if you know what you’re looking for. Most waste their time on social media sites like Facebook and Google Plus.

Well, if you are not lazy enough and treat your blog as a business , you must know the importance of social media and it’s power in expanding your brand.

Joining Blogging groups or networks on social media sites like Facebook and Google Plus can be very helpful. You get to share your fellow blogger’s content and get some idea on what to write about in the process.

5. Join Networks

In addition to joining networks on social media sites that I mentioned above there are also various external networks that you can join.networks

Networks like Bloggers , BlogEngage and BizSugar are very useful when it comes to increasing one’s productivity. Why ? Because you can see hundreds of blog posts being shared on these networks.

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You can vote for them and leave a comment on these sites and get some pretty good ideas.

That’s about everything that comes to my mind.

Do you have any other tips for overcoming writer’s block ? Do share your views with us as we love to get feedback.

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