3 Reasons Why Website Speed Matters [Infographic]

How long are you prepared to wait for a site to load ?

Well, as per a research, 40% of users are not willing to wait for more than 3 seconds for a site to open, and 75% of them will not revisit a page with a page load time of over 4 seconds.

But why is speed so important? How much difference a delay of a few seconds in page load time can really make?

When it comes to site speed, every second matters.

Reports show that 1 second delay in page load time decreases customer satisfaction by 16% and page views by 11%. A slow site can mean poor customer engagement, higher cart abandonment rate, less repeat business, and fewer overall sales.

Bad First Impression

The first thing viewers notice about your online business is your site’s speed, not the content, not website design, not images, not embedded videos. Therefore, you should make the first impression count by ensuring your site pops up lightning fast.

According to a study, 79% of online shoppers are not likely to buy from a site whose performance was not up to their expectations. In other words, a slow site can drive away nearly 80% of your first-time customers.

Poor Feedback

Unhappy customers may not talk to you about their bad experience, but they will certainly vent their anger on social media platforms and dent your reputation. It is reported that 44% of customers share their bad experience online.

Advantage To Competitors

As said above, online shoppers who are unhappy with the performance of your website will leave you thick and fast. But can you guess where they will shop next time?

They will go to your competitors’ sites. As per a report, 43% of online buyers will shop at a competitor’s site if they are unsatisfied with their shopping experience.

Don’t want that to happen, right ? Then get your site speed up without any delay.

To learn more about how important site speed is in today’s online environment, check out this fact-packed infographic.

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