Review : EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional

How many times have you lost vital data after a hard disk crash ? It can be difficult to recover your lost data. Well Data Recovery with EaseUS is very easy. It’s as easy as scanning your system drives and recovering your data.


Let’s take a look at all the features of EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional.

1. Deleted Files Recovery

If you have accidentally deleted any file, then this will help in recovering those files. This is particularly useful if a vital file has been deleted and needs to be recovered at any cost.

2. Formatted Recovery

Formatting is a common practice when it comes to fixing issues on your PC. If Windows gets badly damaged due to a virus or malware, most of the time formatting is the best way to start with a clean OS. However, formatting also results in loss of data. This is where EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Professional comes into play.

It can help in recovering data from the formatted drive. It can not only recover data from a system driver but also external USB drives as well which is pretty useful.

3. Recycle Bin Emptied Data Recovery

Emptying the Recycle Bin is a common practice when you’re removing all the junk files and folders in one shot. However, in some cases there might be files present in Recycle Bin which should not be there in one place.

EaseUS Data Recovery helps in recovering emptied files from Recycle Bin as well. You can start the scan and select whatever files need to be recovered.


4. Lost Partition Recovery

Often we created new partitions on our systems for different reasons like installing a parallel OS, creating a new drive etc. Going forward it can also happen that get lost because of corruption or system issue etc. With EaseUS Data Recovery, you can recover files from your lost partitions very easily.

5. Hard Disk Damage

Hard Disk damage is a very common issue. It can happen due to numerous reasons. For me, once my hard disk got damaged due to a lightning strike. It can also happen due to a bad power supply unit, virus or malware creating bad sectors. With EaseUS data recovery, you don’t have to worry about all these issues at all.

6. OS Crash Recovery

OS crash is pretty common phenomenon especially Windows. EaseUS makes it very easy to recover lost files from an OS crash.

7. Virus Attack Recovery

Virus attack can leave your system completely useless. It can infect files, create bad sectors in the disk. EaseUS, you can recover your files safely and quickly.

8. RAW Partition Recovery

Last but not the least, the EaseUS Software can also recover your files from inaccessible/raw partition or disk.


For basic needs, it’s enough to go with the Pro version of Data Recovery Wizard which costs $69.95. If you want to able to able to offer technical services to your clients, then you can go with the Technician License which costs $299.


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