Why I switched from Google Page Speed Service to Cloudflare ?

A few months ago I wrote a review on Google Page Speed Service and how great it worked on my blog. Well, about a week ago I got an e-mail from my host Web Hosting Hub that my account was suspended because of resource over use.

I was shocked at that time because I didn’t know that Google Page Speed Service was responsible for it. Ok, I forgot to mention one thing. Before Web Hosting Hub suspended my account they sent an e-mail to me about the resource (they aren’t that bad ).

Resource Overuse and Account Suspension

Here’s what the e-mail looked like.

Hello Lahaul ,

We have been tracking high resource usage coming from your account with us and wanted to reach out to you before it becomes a problem affecting other customers.   Resource usage when taken to an extreme can sometimes lead to a suspension of the account depending on the severity of the issue, and this is something we deeply want to avoid.

To understand a little bit more about resource usage and what tools are available for you to use, we have an article that can walk you through this here:

You can learn a little bit more about what can cause excessive server loads here:

If you are running a WordPress site, there are a couple of plugins that have worked very effectively for a large group of our customers.  You can see the recommended plugins for WordPress here:

Caching is one of the easiest  and effective ways to optimize WordPress.  We have a guide on installing that here:

Lastly, if this does not apply or if you would like some feedback directly from our System Administration team, please feel free to respond back to this email and we will share what we can see from the server about your account.

Best regards,
The Web Hosting Hub Team

Then in another few hours they finally sent the account suspension notice. I didn’t see either of the e-mails until the next morning because all of this happened when I was sound asleep.

Here’s what the e-mail looked like.

Dear Lahaul ,

System administration was forced to suspend your site in an emergency to prevent server and system overloads.   We should have more information forthcoming and will attempt to reach out to you shortly.  Should you wish to discuss this more immediately, you can always give us a call at (877) 595-4HUB (4482).  If you are not in the US, you can use our international number 757-416-6627.  Please use menu option 2 and then ask to speak to the Systems Department regarding the suspension.

If you are not in a position to give us a call, you can also respond to this email to get in touch with the Systems Department directly to discuss the issue.

Please let us know of any recent account activity or changes you have made to your site in order for us to better assist you with this issue.

Best Regards,

The Web Hosting Hub Team

Google Page Speed Service sent 20k hits

After reading both of these e-mails I got freaked out and on top of that it was right in the middle of my semester exams. Anyway I sent an e-mail to the System Administrator to know the cause of this. Their reply really got me by surprise.

google page speed service
Resource Use Graph – The Usage Went Way Over 100%

The only relief was that the suspension was temporary and once they have worked with me to bring down the usage to normal level they would unsuspend the account.

Excellent Support by Web Hosting Hub

In this case, Web Hosting Hub staff were really helpful. They responded to my e-mail in about an hour and provided me with the problem that caused this. Their support was really excellent and I’m thankful to them.

Anyway, check out the e-mail they sent me in reply.

Hello Lahaul,

It appears you are receiving *heavy* traffic (about 20k+ hits) from google, due to, what looks to be, Google’s pagespeed service. I would recommend canceling this service or having google disable their scans using this service on your account. Once you have done this, let me know and I’ll get your account unsuspended for you.If you have any other questions or concerns in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Best Regards,

Jeff M.

web hosting hub
Web Hosting Hub

I was relieved after getting this e-mail because of two reasons – one was I knew what caused the problem and how I could fix it and the second one was that their support team would unsuspend my account when I switched off the service. I was not sure how the Page Speed Service sent that much traffic to my blog and to be honest I never thought of notifying Google because there was no guarantee that something like this wouldn’t happen again.

Changes I Made

In about 30 minutes, my site was live again. I deleted the domain from my Google Page Speed Service Account. I still knew that I was going to use some kind of CDN and the first thing that came to my mind was Cloudflare because I do use it on one of my older blogs.

Another change that I made was I removed W3 Total Cache and installed WP Super Cache because according to Web Hosting Hub, it is more efficient. It really is much more efficient because earlier, my WordPress Dashboard would take a lot of time to load. I never understood how to fix it but after installing WP Super Cache it is now super fast.


All I can say is Web Hosting Hub has a great support team and they reply to your e-mails very quickly and in this case, they took care of the whole problem within 2 hrs (more or less) after I sent the first e-mail. I also wrote a review on Web Hosting Hub. Feel free to check it out.

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