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Recently, I was trying to find out some CDNs which would help me speed up LionBlogger. I have used both Cloudflare and Incapsula and they’re quite good. But for LionBlogger I wanted to try something different. And the one thing that came to my mind was Google Page Speed Service. And so far I like what I have seen.

It has been able to load LionBlogger much faster than before. It has sped up my blog by almost 4 seconds.


Google Page Speed Service Features :


The overview section displays data related to your site’s load time and the number of HTML requests that took place in a nice little graphical manner.


Configure Rewriters

Configure Rewriters section is an important part of Google Page Speed Service where you can optimize your site’s HTML, CSS, Javascript and Images. By default, your recommended settings will be enabled. To optimize their settings, you need to tweak some of the settings yourself to see which one fits your blog more perfectly.



The Bandwidth section displays the amount of bandwidth your site has consumed in a nice graphical manner. It also shows which one of your site’s scripts or images has consumed the greatest amount of bandwidth.


Caching & Errors

The Caching and Errors section displays the details of your cached data and your site’s internal errors. It also displays the no. of count and the error code along with the url due to which the error was caused.


Block Requests

The Block Requests section is like the security section of the Google Page Speed Service. It displays the number of requests made by IP addresses and also the number of requests/day. If you think an IP address is suspicious , then you can specify it in the block requests section and it will be blocked by page speed servers.

Results in Google Webmaster Tools

After starting to use Google Page Speed Service, the time of crawling my site has gone down to a great deal. Lesser the time to crawl your site, the more your site’s pages gets crawled and more data is downloaded by the Google crawlers.

Here’s a screenshot from Google Webmasters Tools.


How to use Google Page Speed Service ?

Currently, Google Page Speed Service is on a invite basis only. But you can request access using this form and if you get approved then you can use it. Currently, it is free but Google has plans to make this a premium service.

Over to you. What do you think about this product ? Are you using it ? Share your experience with us in the comment section.

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