Optimize Your Ads With Ezoic Ad Tester Tool

Ads are a great way to make money from your blog. However, very few people can utilize the full potential of the ads. For experienced bloggers and marketers, they’re aware of  where to place their ads so that they get the maximum views and and can make more money. In spite of that, it’s always advisable to go for a tool that can give you a full picture of how all your ads perform.

Ezoic Ad Tester Tool is one which comes with a lot of option. You can test all kinds of ads in all kinds of places on your blog. The first thing that you need to do is register your self with Ezoic.

How To Get Started With Ezoic

The first thing that you need to do is get yourself an account. Just go to this link and fill up your relevant details.


Once your account is registered, you will need to integrate your website/blog . There’s 2 ways to do it. One way is to point your domain’s nameservers to Ezoic. This makes your integration faster since all your traffic will be rerouted through the Ezoic server. There’s quite a few benefits to this. You will be able to utilize Ezoic’s CDN which loads your website faster. It takes less than 1 min to setup. The only thing that you need to do is point your domain nameservers. You can also switch on/off the feature anytime.

You can also integrate via Cloudflare. Since Cloudflare is a preferred CDN for many Ezoic allows you to integrate your site/blog via Cloudflare. This ensures that your integration is hassle free.


The other way to integrate your site is to place a code snippet in the <head> of your website. It’s like an API call which your website would make to Ezoic and collect the relevant stats.


Once you have done the integration, it’s time for creating ad units. There are multiple options when it comes to creating different types of ads. You also need to make sure that you turn on the Ad Tester once you have completed your integration.


Once you have Tester turned on, you will need to create Ad units. You can add any no. of Ad units on your page. You should also choose the position on where you want to add the ad unit.


You can also choose where to test your ads. For example, you can choose to test ads on only desktop and mobile. You can leave the option off for tablet since, desktop and tablet has the most no. of users.

Ezoic also provides you with optimization goals. I basically tests what your users like and how each ad contributes to your earning. Based on that, it generates a report and provides you a complete picture on how your ads perform.


The reporting part is mostly similar to Google Analytics. You get to see your earnings report, that too from different devices. You also get to see the traffic and country from where you made the most money.

Ezoic also has a monitoring section. There are main sections – objectionable content, platform updates, Google updates and error pages. Objectionable content will show you a list of pages which might have objectionable content on them. Platform updates will provide you with all the platform related releases for Ezoic. Google updates will provide any updates on search engine ranking algorithms. Error pages will have a list of pages which have errors and also the pages that link to them.

So, make sure you check out Ezoic. Already using Ezoic ? Please share your feedback below.

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