Three Important Domain Name Tips

You may already be familiar with some of the more common domain name tips out there, such as using keywords in your URL and making sure that your domain name is not too close to one that is already registered by a larger company. However, in order to make sure that you register a domainfrom Network Solutions that is actually going to be effective, you have to look beyond the well-known tips and use all of the little tricks that can help you out. Below are three more tips that can make all of the difference in the world.

1. Long names just do not work

You want your domain name to be as short and punchy as possible. If you can, just use one word. If you make it too long – perhaps thinking that you can use it to give people an idea of what your company does – people are just going to forget it. Remember that word-of-mouth marketing is still very valuable for you. It is important to have people talking about your company and telling each other to visit your site. With a simple, short, one-word URL, you can be sure that it will be passed around as much as possible.

2. It should not be hard to type

You also need to remember that people are going to be typing your domain name, not just saying it. Try to avid using letters that are uncommon, such as “Q”. You do not want people to have to pause and wonder how to spell it; you just want them to know instinctively how to spell it so that they could almost type it in with their eyes closed. You also do not want to lose traffic due to people who are interested in your site spelling the name wrong, thinking that they can’t find it, and giving up.

3. Make it stick

Furthermore, you want the URL to stick in people’s heads. You want them to remember it. If someone tells them about your site at a Christmas party or a family gathering, for example, you want them to be able to remember what the site was called the next day, after they go home. There are many ways to do this, but keeping it short and interesting will help you the most. This is going to have a large impact on your overall traffic numbers.

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