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Backlink Monitoring and Analysis Software or in short known as BLAM is an web based script. It offers analysis of backlinks for dozens of seo related metrics, it also automate backlink monitoring process and send alerts for any deleted or nofollowed backlinks.

Processed data can be downloaded in CSV format and  backlink data can be uploaded manually or though CSV.

This is a multi-purpose tool. It can be used to analyse hundreds or thousands of backlinks for any website, monitor bad backlinks or just check weather backlinks are actually linking to a site or not. You can find more information about the software here.

Key Features

  • Web Based (PHP) Script.
  • It is completely FREE. Try it for as long as you want and install it on as many servers as you want. If you like it, help us to spread the word and we will upgrade you to the Multi-Project version for free.
  • Import backlinks using the CSV file, or add them manually. Export all data to a CSV file.
  • It’s web-based, so you don’t need to worry about using Mac, Linux, Windows, iOS, Android, KlingonOS or any other operating system.
  • Backlinks can be analysed manually with one click or automated backlink monitoring, depending on how you want to set it up. Set a cron job and it will automatically update/monitor backlinks for you, and also send you information like your nofollowed links and deleted links by email.
  • While uploading, it removes duplicate backlinks automatically, and removes multiple links from same domain (i.e. site wides) optionally.
  • There is no cap or restrictions on the number of backlinks you can analyse per project – it’s unlimited! We have tested up to 5000 backlinks without any issue.
  • It won’t take up more than 2mb of space on your server.
  • It’s got a cool user interface with sortable columns to manage data (check some screenshots below).


What you can Analyze with this Software

  • Backlink’s IP: Analyze if you have backlinks from multiple domains hosted on single IP.
  • Google Cache: Check when Google last cached individual backlinks. You may not want backlinks from certain sites that have already been de-indexed or banned from Google.
  • Google Page rank: Page rank of all the backlinks.
  • Alexa Rank: Alexa traffic rank to find out how popular a site is.
  • Social Count: Count of various social shares. Currently, it collects Facebook likes, Twitter mentions, Google+ votes and Delicious saves.
  • Link to Your Site: Monitors which page(s) of your website are linked to from each backlink, along with any keywords or image alt text used.
  • Backlink Status: Tracks whether it is a nofollowed or dofollowed backlink.
  • Link Count: Total number of internal and external backlinks. If there are too many external backlinks, you may want to concern yourself with it.
  • OSE PA/DA: Open site explorer DA and PA. This requires an API account with MOZ.

This giveaway is to offer Unlimited Projects license which is worth $39.

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