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Why Network Marketing is important for YOU to make Big Money in Life ?

I guess most of the people reading this post heard about Network Marketing somewhere. May be through a friend or colleague or you even might have attended any seminar. And wonder does it really work? Do people make money here? Can I make money from this industry??network marketing

Now let me tell you one thing very clearly initially that making money in Network Marketing is not get rich quick overnight. There’s no magic wand, it’s a Process. You need some patience & learning attitude.

Having said that there is no question about the potential of this amazing industry. And YES my friend, Network Marketing industry ROCKS BIG TIME!! This is the industry which has produced maximum number of Millionaires & Billionaires across the Globe. This is the industry where people are Making Big Money & YOU can too.

What Network Marketing Industry can give You, which any other industry cannot ?

Let’s see what are the legitimate ways to make money:

The above quadrant was developed by one of the best economist in the world – Mr.Robert Kiyosaki, author of world famous book series “Rich Dad Poor Dad”.

Some what this is what I have explained in the video above as well. So I will no repeat it much. But I have a very important question for You:

Just ask yourself a Question: “How can I make lots of money”????

Any answer coming up in your mind …… may be confused!!

Let me help You:

Who are the people who are making Big Money today? Are they the ones who are ‘Working for someone else’ or the ones ‘For whom hundreds & thousands of people are working’? I believe now your understanding what I am trying to help you understand. They work on the powerful concept of LEVERAGING, i.e., compounding Time, Effort & Skill of other people.

Yes my dear friend, that is the reason why your employer make more money than you. Because hundreds and thousands of people are there from whom he’s getting benefit from & in return he’s paying them just peanuts.

Searching here & there for different ways to earn lots of money might not help. First you need to understand how people make big money & accumulate Wealth!! It’s a very simple fact that a common person cannot invest millions to set up huge business / industries. Hence cannot expect to make big money. If you income is dependent on your efforts only, then you make money with this formula:

Income = Skill x Time

For you, as an individual Skill is Limited, because in one life you cannot gain all Skills like, you cannot be a Doctor, Lawyer, Engineer, M.B.A., etc.

For you, as an individual TIME is also Limited, because you cannot work more than 24 hours a day.

network marketing

Your Income depends on 2 components: Skill & Time. And when both of them are Limited, you cannot expect to make Unlimited Income!!

On the other hand, if 1000 people work for you. Every person giving 8 hours a day, total number of hours of working done for you in a day will be:

1000 x 8 = 8,000 hours per day

WooW!! That’s crazy!! If that much output you get in a day, What will be Your Income??

I know you like it, but again the constraint is no one will work free of cost for you. You need to bargain their Time & Skill & give them Salary, which again a common person cannot do.

What’s the Solution? Answer: You badly NEED A SYSTEM!!!!

System simply means where people are working for You, your income is not dependent on your efforts. You make Big Money by compounding on Time, Efforts & Skills of other people. Here comes Network Marketing to give a Hope to a common person, where by putting in little money once can get started with a good network marketing company & can LEVERAGE upon other people’s Time, Efforts & Skills.

To Conclude

I would just like to say to You: Don’t fear, once in life get involved into a network marketing business with a reliable company. Learn & Work there, give it some time. This could be what you were waiting for whole of your life, your search to be financially free could end here & hopefully when you Succeed you would thank me to bringing the above knowledge to you 🙂

So, what do you think about Network Marketing ?

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