Make $358 per sale with Shopify

Shopify is great little place to create online store or website store hosting solution. It lets you create incredible looking online stores for your very own e-commerce sites.


How Shopify works ?

Shopify lets you create impeccable looking online stores for your e-commerece. Whatever e-commerce niche you may be in – cameras, clothing lines, mobile phones, technical gadgets, micro-controllers or microprocessors, it lets you create about any type of online store that you can imagine.

Shopify has some great themes for your store and it comes with some great features as well. If you have some experience with HTML and CSS, you yourself would be able to edit and create new templates for your store. Even if you don’t know about web designing, you can easily call a Shopify expert and you can work together to create a custom template for your store.

Apart from these, you can also choose from among 100+ themes for your store. Everyone of them are unique in their own way and you’ll simply love them.

Shopify has a great pricing structure according to your needs. If you would just like to see what Shopify is about, you can get a 14 day free trial. Apart from these, there are different pricing options according your needs. The lowest pricing starts from $29/month and the highest pricing can go up to $179/month.


How to make money from Shopify ?

Now that you know how shopify works, let’s get on to how you can make upto $358 a sale with shopify. They have two types of affiliate systems – one is 20% on each bill and the other is 200% per sale. The downside is you can choose only one. However it’s a pretty good deal if you ask me.
20% on each bill gets you the 20% of each of your referred customer’s monthly bill for as long as they remain a Shopify customer. 200% per sale is one time fee only. Once you refer a customer, you get 200% of the customer’s bill.

The trick is to choose the one that suits you the best. 20% on each bill can get you a lot of recurring commissions and 200% per sale can get you larger amount of money but keep in mind it’s a one time fee only.

Payments are made by paypal, so make sure you have a valid paypal account and add it to your profile.

So, what do you think about Shopify ? Are you going to create an online store with it for your e-commerce site ? Share your views with us in the comment section.

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