How To Get More Social Media Shares For Your Posts !

Have you recently visited a site that has many followers to it ? Here are simple tips on how to get more social media shares for your to get more social media shares for your posts

You may have noticed the social buttons on a specific article have large numbers indicating how many times it was shared to social media.

It’s because they have built up their fan base and they now have the luxury of having many social media shares automatically because of that.

You may not have that many followers yet, but with some hard work and smart thinking, you can have many more social media shares than you’re getting now as well as get more followers on Twitter.

Following the suggestions from this article, you will see these kinds of results I have for Internet Dreams:

I may not promise the same results for you, but if you put the work in, you may never know!

You might just get high numbers on those social media buttons.

Create connections

You are going to need visitors to come to your website and use your sharing buttons to share your content onto their social profiles.

In today’s blogging, many of those people are going to be small connections you have created over the course of time you blogged.

With the competition rising in the blog world, connections are even more important than ever.

Everywhere you are, try to create connections just by having a chat once, and share some of their own content.

At the same time, always recommend them to get your free eBook if you have created one.

Also while you’re at it, exchange follows on social media so both of you can stay in touch for the future.

Join a Social Sharing Group

Social media is an excellent medium to create groups based on the same interest.

how to get more social media shares for your posts

Grab a few other interested individuals that are looking to get more social shares on their articles and form a social sharing group.

Use Facebook groups as the place to converse and organize who is sharing what, each day.

Each day should be assigned to an individual and have the others share his piece of content to their social media profiles.

Social sharing groups are going to get you more social shares as soon as your appointed day of sharing, arrives.

As a bonus, you will be receiving traffic from almost every share that happens.

Encourage sharing using “please share actions”

As a visitor comes to an article, most of time they will have a short read and move on to another site.

This is something we can’t control and the only thing we can do is influence his stay.

Call to actions help influence your visitors to take action.

This action might encourage him to comment or share your article to his social media profiles.

Many times you will add it to the end of the article even though that is absolutely fine to do.

But the most effective call to actions happen within the content called “please share actions”.

Visit Internet Dream’s latest articles and you will see them within the articles, all over the place.

Add a couple of those to the body of your article.

While reading, this is a constant reminder to the visitor for him to share onto social media!

Use Triberr

Remember when I said that connections are more important in today’s blogging?how to get more social media shares for your posts

Yes, they really are and bloggers need to get together to form alliances that will benefit everyone in the group.

This is where Triberr is the perfect solution.

Triberr is a community where “like-minded” bloggers are coming together to form tribes.

You join a tribe and all the members of it have to pitch in and share the member’s content.

Similar to the social sharing group from above, Triberr displays each member’s content automatically in your stream where it is easy to share from there.

Plus tribes are much larger than the social sharing groups I told you to create, as well as in addition.

Share for others

You know how it goes?

If you want something done to you, you first need to do it to others.

It’s one of life’s golden rules and it applies to getting social media shares, perfectly.

If you share all the time the content you see around you, you will gain the attention of those around you as you do so.

After some time of consistent sharing, those around you will start sharing your content for you, thus increasing the amount of social media shares your articles are getting.

Author: Samuel Pustea

Want to reach higher goals with these top wordpress plugins? I am Samuel and I own Internet Dreams. Internet Dreams is a place where you can engage and learn about SEO, blogging, social media, and so much more...

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  1. Great Key Points! This will be a big help for me as a Social Media Specialist.
    Hoping to see more of this from you Mr. Samuel

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  2. Joining social media exchange network and being active on them gives you more social media shares and I apply this technique for my blog. Thanks

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  3. creating connections with the readers of your blog also helps a lot in further enhancing the social media shares. However, you have provided a good content regarding this. Thanks.

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  4. Part of the key to understanding social media, is understanding why people share content. Today’s customers are constantly checking their Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook feeds. Think about this: not everyone goes to your website each day, but over half of Facebook users log onto Facebook each day. Your business needs to be able to tap into social media to grow.

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  5. I use triberr when it was at early stage. However, long time ago they change their policy not allowing auto tweet. Since then I rarely use it, and now never use it. It’s just not practical, plus you’ve to manually approve the tweet while they other team members just do nothing.

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  6. Samuel , i agree with ur view that social media plays an important role in increasing the traffic and status of blog.
    Thanks you for letting me know of Triberr

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  7. Samuel, I agree with Qasim that it is more important than ever to get more shares and we can no longer rely just on search to get people to our websites and blogs. I love Triberr. It really does help getting more people to your site to share and comment too. I have not done that asking to reshare on tweets but I hear it does work. It will be something I wille experiment with. Thanks!

    Post a Reply
  8. Hi Samuel,
    Great tips. I think making connection is the most important in today social media marketing. The more we have built a great connection the better our blog shares will get. Our audience has to know the blog exists! Thus we should get connected each other

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  9. Hi Samuel,

    With all the current updates from Google it’s becoming harder for blog owners to rank their websites higher in search engines, targeted traffic from search engines depends on each Google update, some time it will go up and sometime it will go down, therefore Blog owners should have always a good social media strategy to compensate that traffic, interacting with other people on social media websites will help build long relationships and will increase social media traffic, also joining social media sharing groups help also increasing the traffic, thanks for providing your tips and for the list of resources.

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