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How To Make Your Site Stand Out ? – Basic Web Design Tips

Making a website stand out is not about having the most flashy and glamorous site. That is something that only works for poster advertising or window advertising. Many people make the same mistakes when they try to make their website stand out. If you want to avoid those mistakes, here are a few tips to help you on how to make your site stand out.

1. Use your counter intuition to make your site stand outmake your site stand out

This is very, very important if you want to avoid the mistakes of amateurs. When people think about making a site stand out, they think of bold colors, bright graphics, animations and visual effects. You need to do the opposite. You need to make your website robust, but conservative and organized.

The websites that try to stand out with fancy and extravagant designs are not making their website stand out. Firstly, it does not stand out because there are millions of sites like that, and secondly, it is offensive to the eye and offensive to the intelligence of your viewer.

2. Go for a conservative and organized layout

Again, it seems counter intuitive for a website that is supposed to stand out, but we are not dealing with poster and shop window advertising. Your website is going to stand out if it is user friendly, intuitive and easy to navigate. A flashing graphic or animated menus do not add anything to the website, and so many websites have them that you website will fade into the background.

3. Tone it down and build some trust

Again, this may seem counter intuitive at first, but think about it. Do you really trust the sites that are extravagantly designed? Do you really trust the sites that shout at you? Take a look at Amazon. The layout is viciously toned down, with grays, creams and a little bit of orange. Each page is set out so that it looks more like the screen you would see on a computer in an accountant’s office.

Amazon are not fools. They created their toned down (almost dull) website because it is easier to trust such a website. It is easier to trust a website that looks like it is not trying to stand out.

4. Put your product before your designmake your site stand out

This is what Amazon has done. They have made their website toned down and organized to the point where it feels dull. When a product is displayed, it really stands out on the page, primarily because the rest of the page is well organized and dull. Many times, the only splash of color you see comes from the products themselves. This makes them stand out on the page, which is what you want.

5. Have a no-registration sales approach

The websites that do not require you to open an account and set a password are lauded by the online community. Your website will stand out if you are willing to design and install a purchase process as easy as clicking the item, entering address details, card details, and clicking to buy. You can also instigate an account system too for if you have regular customers.

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