freelancing is better than blogging for money

Why Freelancing is better than Blogging For Money

Freelancing is better than blogging for money. I can say it without a doubt. But before getting into the topic, let’s discuss what blogging for money really means.

If you already own a blog, it’s possible that you created it to make money online. You probably had the intention of using Google Adsense and other ad networks to earn money. If that failed, you probably tried affiliate marketing, promoting different products related to your niche and trying to earn commissions from them. When that fails, most bloggers probably give up. And then comes frustration and depression of not being able to make money online. If you don’t want to go through this, then I suggest you try freelancing as means to earn money online.

Freelancing saves time

Here’s the biggest advantage of freelancing. It saves a lot of time. Think about it.

Before you can make money from your blog, you first need to make content. Then you need to promote it. You also need to do different types of SEO optimization and there’s content marketing. All of these take considerable amount of time ( without exceptional cases, it takes months ).

With freelancing, you can start right away. Yes, it will take at least some time to get your first job. But when you do and complete your job, you get paid. Your dream of making money online comes true.

The truth is you can achieve success more quickly being a freelancer.

Freelancing depends on the work you do

This is the kicker, freelancing depends on the amount of work that you are able to do. Blogging or affiliate marketing doesn’t work that way. One of the reasons that it is very difficult to make much money from your blog is because the niche is extremely competitive and there’s no easy way to stand out.

Even if you work hard day and night, you still might not stand out because it’s so competitive.

There’s another problem with the Internet Marketing niche. You might promote products heavily or even spend money, but you don’t get the result that you expected. This happens all the time in the advertisement industry.

Big companies and large corporations are capable of handling the losses because they have cash reserves, but as an amateur blogger we don’t have that luxury. Even then, some big companies also go into panic mode when a product doesn’t sell as well as they hoped.

freelancing is better than blogging for money

Freelancing is free , Blogging is expensive for a beginner

This is one of the important factor because of which I prefer freelancing. The reason that I’m able to maintain this blog is because I earn a significant amount of money from my freelancing works and am able to bear the cost of the domain and web hosting.

But everyone doesn’t have that luxury. Of course, you can start blogging on the Blogger platform and only buy a domain which would save a considerable amount of money.

When I first started Lion Blogger, I aimed at covering my web hosting expenses, if not more. Eventually, I went on to earn a lot more money then I aimed for. Yes, it started small and then I got more and more offer as my skills improved.

Doing freelance work doesn’t have any recurring costs. If you stop freelancing, you stop earning. A blog however, has recurring costs like web hosting and domains, even if you’re unsuccessful with the blog.

Freelancing is dynamic

Even though making money from blogging requires marketing and promotion which itself is very dynamics, but freelancing gives you a bigger range of dynamic jobs.

Since you get involve with different jobs, you also acquire different skills or should I say dynamic skills which makes you even more employable as a freelancer.

So, before you run off to create a blog to make money, feel free to check out what freelancing has to offer. You might be in for a surprise.

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