freelancing is better than blogging for money

The Pros & Cons Of Freelancing

I actually earn more with freelancing then with my blog. Making money from your own blog is tough. You need lots of traffic and strategically placed ads. Because I’m so busy with my offline projects that I rarely get time to update my blog with new post. On top of that, if you’re into freelancing, then your blog becomes almost dead.

Cons of Freelancing :-

Creates Writer’s Block

Freelancing is a great way to make money online. You can earn hundreds or even thousands of dollars per month if you’re on that level of freelancing. But freelancing has a price. It occasionally creates writer’s block , and if you have  a blog of your own that will create a negative effect on your blog.

From my experience, as freelancers we always prefer paid writing gigs and so that causes a lot of time to be invested on that particular job which doesn’t leave too much room for our own blog (if you have one).

Takes Away Too Much Time

This point is only applicable for part-time freelancers. Since part-timers already have limited time on their hands due to their other commitments, they tend to take less but bigger jobs which I occasionally do as well.

But what some people don’t understand is taking bigger jobs also takes longer time which ultimately doesn’t fulfill your agenda. Instead, middle level jobs with middle level payments results in greater freelancing stability.

Maintaining stability in freelancing is the key. It’s about the rhythm in your work. Once you lose it, it’s pretty hard to get it back.

Pros of Freelancing:-

Helps in developing dynamic skills

Most freelancers earn from multiple sources and multiple clients which may involve different kinds of works like content writing, web development, graphic designing etc. It is also essential to be dynamic in order to be a successful freelancer.

So, in the beginning, freelancing may take some time for getting used to, but in the end, it helps you become dynamically skilled helps you bag more and more gigs.

Helps in dynamic earning of money

Being one of the most dynamic jobs, it also brings in money of multiple currencies. As a freelancer, till now, I have earned money in USD, GBP and Euro – all of them are one of the most popular currencies in the world.

Also, being an Indian, I get a high exchange rate for these currencies. And with the economy down in India, their exchange rates have shot up. So, even if I make the same amount of foreign money, I still get a higher exchange rate and higher earnings.

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