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Use Your Blog As A Portfolio To Get More Freelance Work

Freelancing is one of the easiest ways to make money online. Most bloggers tend to start blogging with the hopes of earning quick money using Google Adsense program or other Ad networks. But the truth is if you start freelancing , you can earn much more money a lot more quickly. Here’s how you can get more freelance work.

Create A Blog To Showcase Your Skills

The first thing that you need to remember is getting freelance work in the very beginning is difficult. Because you are new, people are less likely to trust you and give you jobs. So, in the beginning you will have to start small and gain as much trust as you can from different employers.

After a few months, you will slowly start rising in terms of the amount of work you get and the amount of money you earn. If blogging really is your passion, you should create a blog that showcases your skills. If you don’t have programming skills, but great writing skills, you should highlight your writing in your blog. There are thousands of freelance writing jobs that are available all over the Internet.

If you have great programming or web development skills like HTML5, CSS3, php, MySQL, Javascript, jQuery, JSON etc, you could easily showcase them on your blog and use it to get more freelance work. Coding and programming work will get you paid significantly more than writing gigs.

Connecting with Potential Employers

This is one of the most important factors in getting more freelance work. Why ? Because employers always look for talented workers and in online freelancing, if you’re talented, you will make more money than what you make in your 9 to 5 job.

Freelancing work is mostly online and therefore you don’t have the time constraint. You can work from anywhere anytime. All you need is a laptop and an Internet connection. So, connecting with potential employers gives you more exposure. Your current employer can refer you to another employer because in freelancing you can do both jobs simultaneously. That’s the fun of freelancing.

Now, before your potential employer will actually hire you, they will want to see some sample of your work. This is where your blog comes in. Your blog will showcase your skills. Here are some examples of some ideas that an employer may get when they check out your blog :

  • Your articles will demonstrate your writing skills.
  • Your blog design will demonstrate your taste for perfection.
  • If you provide coding and programming tutorials, they will showcase your technical skills.
  • Your social media following will demonstrate your marketing skills.
  • The amount of traffic will demonstrate both your SMO and SEO skills.

Highlight Your Achievements On Your Blog

This is important if you want more exposure. It is never good that no one knows nothing about you. For example, when I completed my project under IBM Global Remote Mentoring project, I wrote about it here on Lion Blogger. You can check out this link here. Below is an image of the certificate that I got.

ibm certificate

If you have other kinds of achievements whether if you have won competitions, contests, etc. highlight them on your blog. These are proof that you are talented and you are capable of getting your work done which is what employers look for in an employee.

Keep Your Reputation Intact

Employers respect talented employees. You should be careful how you present yourself online. If you ruin your image once, then you will never get it back because online they spread like wildfire.

In freelancing, always finish your job on time. Because they count and will help you get more jobs in the future. The fun in freelancing is that you will be able to earn in multiple currencies like USD, GBP, Euro etc.

So, without running after Google Adsense and other Ad networks in the hopes of making money, develop your skills and start freelancing. You will earn a lot more money and earn a lot more as well.

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