Control Spam Comments with CleanTalk

Spam comments are one of the most hardest thing to control when you’re running a website or a blog. Other than spam comments you can also get spam messages. One of the most popular plugins to check spam comments for WordPress is Akismet. But you have to pay money for it. So, I was looking for a free alternative that would get my job done. Finally, I found CleanTalk.


What impressed me most about CleanTalk is that it is compatible with multiple PHP frameworks like Joomla, Drupal along with WordPress. It is also supported on multiple APIs and libraries like PHP 5, Perl 5, Python, .NET etc.

How CleanTalk works ?

CleanTalk basically has a large database of blacklisted IP addresses and e-mail ids. The collection is based on how these IP addresses and e-mails are used all over the Internet. IPs and e-mails that have suspicious activities which also includes spam bots are not authorized to comment on your site, even if they do they are sent directly to the spam folder in your WordPress dashboard.

You can download CleanTalk for free from the WordPress library.

Post Installation

After you have installed the plugin what you have to do is go to There you will have to generate an access key which you will have to use to authorize it in your WordPress dashboard.cleantalk

Recommended Settings

After you have received your access key, you will have to use it in the settings page. The settings page also has some important configurations which you can check out in the image below.


The most impressive thing about this plugin is that it stops a lot of spam comments and the ones that go through are automatically sent to the spam folder. And it doesn’t require any kind of captcha which doesn’t cause any extra hindrance for the commentators.

Default image
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