5 Awesome WordPress Plugins That I Use On This Blog and You Should Too

Almost all bloggers prefer Self Hosted WordPress. Why ? Simply because of the thousands of WordPress plugins available ( both free and premium ). Everyone uses different plugins. But in this article I would  like to point some of the best plugins that I use.

1. WordPress SEO by Yoast

This is one of the best free SEO plugin that you can use for your blog. It is a premium quality WordPress plugin. It lets you do on-page optimization for your blog.

Everything from keyword density to image alt-tag optimization can be done using this plugin. The most favorite thing of mine about this plugin is the SEO Title optimization and the Meta Description.

It even shows the no. of characters left so that you don’t make the title and description too long.


The best part of about this plugin is you can set a Focus Keyword for each post and you can optimize your whole post around that keyword which I absolutely love.

2. Genesis Favicon Uploader

Since I use the Genesis Framework and there is no easy way to upload a custom favicon to the Genesis Child Themes, I installed this plugin.

Uploading a custom favicon to Genesis theme is very easily when you use this plugin. I know some of my blogger friends (Wade Harman and Enstine Muki ) use the default Genesis Favicon.


So, I mentioned this plugin to let them know. Just make sure when you upload the favicon, it should be named as “favicon.ico”.

3. ShareThis Plugin

ShareThis WordPress Plugin is an awesome one. It lets you add the social sharing buttons below your post including Google +1 button and the Facebook like button.

The most important advantage of using this plugin is that you increase the opportunity of your article being shared in the social networking sites.


You can also choose the style of buttons you want to display.

4. Special Recent Posts Free Edition

This is an awesome plugin to display the recent posts on your blog. There are numerous options that you can customize to your liking. I’m not going into details about the settings.


They are very easy to change and the display is much better than other WordPress plugins out there. The most good looking  thing about this plugin is that you can also display your post thumbnail.

5. WP Biographia

This is my most favorite plugin among the five. I absolutely love it. This wordpress plugin allows you to add an author info box about anywhere ( below posts and pages, sidebar).

This plugin also gives you the option of showing your social profile links in the author box including the no. of posts you have written on your blog.


Of course, most of the template comes with an Author Box with the theme but those don’t have it can use this plugin. You can also show this author box with your RSS Feed which I think is pretty cool.

So, what wordpress plugin do you use ? You can share your views and the plugins that you use in the comment section.

Author: Lahaul Seth

A programmer and a web developer, he is the founder of Lion Blogger. His main hobbies are web design & development and providing writing services to clients.

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  1. I think Fanciest author Box is also a cool plugin didn’t Know about Genesis Favicon uploader I’ll try it out thanks for sharing!

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    • Thanks for stopping by, Anis. I haven’t used the fanciest author box but I will take a look since you have mentioned it.

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  2. Nice list. WordPress SEO by Yoast is far and away the best SEO plugin. I didn’t know about WP Biographia, but it looks great. I typically use author bio’s contained in the themes I use, as you mentioned, but I’m going to take a look at this plugin. Thanks.

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  3. An easier way to get all of the functions you have mentioned up here would be to get “Jetpack by WordPress” It has everything but the favicon and author biography.
    If your self hosting a wordpress blog you don’t even need to favicon plugin; just create a 16X16 favicon, save it as favicon.ico, and upload it to the root folder of where your blog files are stored.
    Eleminating some of the plugins by doing things in a much simpler can increase website speed. Any how, this was a great post; it helps explain how to do some things I didn’t even know about.

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  4. Nice list of plugins that I wasn’t familiar of Lahaul,

    The favicon uploader plugin isn’t necessary because you can upload a favicon manually without using a plugin.

    WP Biographia is nice one.

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  5. I am using Special Recent Posts Pro for TheTopBlogger and so far loving the premium one. Thanks for sharing your good list.

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