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5 Top On-Page SEO Tactics That You Should Know

On-page SEO is very important when you want to rank well in Search Engines. Currently, Google and other search engines mostly prefer on-page SEO with an unique good quality content. on-page-seo2

This becomes much easier if you are using WordPress and one of the most famous plugins there is – WordPress SEO by Yoast. This is an excellent plugin for any WordPress blog.

1. Keywords and Density

Keywords are the life of any post. What type of keywords you choose is totally dependent on the topic. Some keywords are very competitive and some are less competitive.

Choosing a over-competitive keyword will probably take much longer to rank higher in the SERPs. Choosing a low competitive is good but they are also bound get more competitive in the near future as more and more bloggers try them.

That’s why most bloggers out there now aim for long tail keywords. One of my good blogger friend wrote an article on it. If you are interested you can check out this article.

Now, onto the density. Keyword density is about how many times the keyword appears on your post. Generally, the ideal percentage of keyword density is 2-4%. You should always aim to achieve this proportion. Too low, it becomes ineffective and too high it becomes keyword stuffing.

2. Keywords as Alt-Tags in Images

Not many people recommend this. But I have seen this suggestion myself in the Yoast SEO. If you can create your own image and use the keywords as alt-tags they help you immensely in ranking well.

Traffic not only comes in the form of article search but also images. This is where the alt-tags come in. Since the crawlers cannot read images so it is important to have alt-tags in your images.

3. Interlinking using Related, Recent and Popular Posts Widgets

It is always advisable to interlink your posts so that link juice distributes to your blog in an uniform manner. Installing these widgets are the most easiest way to do this.

All three work in a cycle. Let me explain.

Suppose you have written a new post. A reader comes to your blog and reads the new post. Then he goes onto see the other recent posts or the related posts. Then he will generally be interested in the most popular posts that your blog has to offer.

Now, when he opens a popular posts, the recent posts will also be shown which means that the popular posts are pointing to your new posts.

Now if you follow these in terms of Googlebots or Crawlers, the link juice is directly passed from your popular posts to your new posts which is good in the long run because the popular posts have more juice.

4. Getting more Comments on your posts

Google loves fresh content, right ? Everyone knows that. But Google also loves posts which are updated. Of course, you cannot expect to update every single posts every few months. That is impossible.

But, if you can get more comments and increase the interaction on your posts, then there is some sort of update going on in your post page which will definitely help you ranking better.

Getting more comments on your posts also mean that you are considered as an authority and you know what you’re talking about.

Some of the top blogs like BasicBlogTips , Comluv , Problogger and CopyBlogger receive hundreds of comments in their posts and that’s one of the reason they rank at the very top.

5. Short and Relevant SEO – Title and URL

Short and Relevant URL and SEO Title is always preferable. Also, keeping your keywords in the URL and Title  is always a good practice.

A long URL and a title  not only takes more time to crawl but sometimes they also get cut-off in the search results. Check out the image below to see what I mean.


See how the Title and the URL got cut off because they are too long. Though the keywords are visible but it is not a good user experience.

If you provide a good user experience with your optimized SEO Title , URL and Meta Description , your CTR is bound to improve in the search engines.

Well at the moment these are some of the best tactics that I use for my blog.

What about you ? What tactics do you use ? You can share with us in the comment section.

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