4 Effective Ways To Gain The Attention of Popular Bloggers

Everyone is inspired by one or the other of many popular bloggers out there. You start blogging thinking that you may find success like the one who inspires you. In as little as couple of months, your mind setup changes completely.popular-bloggers

You start to think that it isn’t as easy as you thought. You try everything from SEO to sharing on Social Media, but you aren’t getting any traffic or readers. If you are going through this phase in your blogging career, then there is a very simple solution for you.

Ever think of why you aren’t getting traffic and why no one is commenting on your blog. Is it the content ? If it is, you should start producing good content then come back and read the rest of the post. Or another reason could be that no one knows about you. The simple solution to that would be to try guest posting to get some attention to your blog.

And if you can get attention of some popular bloggers out there it will give you a massive boost. Why ? Because when they share something, the whole blogosphere listens. The question is how can you get their attentions ?

1. Visiting the Popular Blogs

Most amateur bloggers out there start their blog without having much idea about what blogging is really about. They generally start blogging to earn some quick money not because they want to blog. And after a few months, when nothing works for them they leave it altogether.

So, if you’ve been thinking about starting a new blog, you should first take a look at some of the best blogs out there like

Why you should visit these blogs ?

Visiting these blogs would give you a fair idea about what a blog is really about. It can totally change your blogging perception. You would get a fair idea about the interactions between the author and the readers. Try reading some of the comments. You can also post a comment about what you think about that particular post.

If you feel confident, try sending an e-mail to the blog owner asking them about some tips. You should let them know that you are planning to start a blog and would like their guidance.

Blogging is all about communication and interaction with your fellow bloggers. If you start interacting from the very beginning and that too with a popular blogger you would always get some much needed support.

2. Finding out the Passion of Popular Bloggers

I will tell you why this important. Because if you share the same passion or develop the same passion, then your posts would get automatically shared by the popular bloggers. Let’s take a look at some examples.blogging-passion

  • Ileane Smith of BasicBlogTips is in love with CommentLuv and is the Brand Ambassador of CommentLuv. If you even install commentluv on your blog, she will thank you by commenting on your blog and let you know that how much it has helped to increase the interaction on her blog. Even if you write a good review about CommentLuv, she will come to your blog and thank you for writing about it and may probably share it.
  • Wade Harman of BloggersMakeMoney is in love with Social Media. If you can write a great post about social media and if it comes to his attention, he will definitely share it on all social networks and may even comment on your blog.
  • Enstine Muki of EmFastIncome is a PHP developer and is the owner and developer of some of the most popular websites (EasyRetweet) and premium WordPress plugins (Cash Donator). So, if you are a programmer ( like me ) and if you can create something good and unique and if it comes to his attention, he would also share it almost everywhere.

3. Guest Posting on Popular Blogs

This is by far easiest way to get the attention of popular bloggers and everyone knows about this technique. If you are a good enough writer and can write some quality content, you can easily submit some guest posts to some of the popular blogs out there ( if not all of them ).

I’m not going to brag too much about Guest Posting because I have already written some articles on it. You can check out the following articles :

4. Writing about the Popular Bloggers

This is another very good way to make some of the popular bloggers come to your blog. Why you should write about them ?writing

Because they are popular for a reason and have worked hard consistently over the years. So, it wouldn’t do you any harm to share some of their work with the world.

If nothing comes up on how you can write a post like that you can interview one. Many new bloggers conduct interviews of popular bloggers and post it on their blogs. Posts like that easily go viral because the interviewee would share the interview post in their social networks.

Just some example of posts that I’m talking about :

These kinds of posts generate huge traffic because everyone will want to know what the popular bloggers had to say and would normally get maximum shares and comments and with that you get some attention as well.


So, that’s about it. I hope you can use this tips effectively. Do share your views with us in the comment section. We would love to have your feedback.

Do you have any more tips that you want to add to our list ? Do share it with us in the comment section.

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