5 Unique WordPress Plugins You Should Know About

Aren’t you tired of the same old WordPress plugin lists? Do you want something on your blog that’s unique, yet still useful ? Okay, not all of them are useful. Some of them are simply unusual or just plain fun. Take a look at this list. Here are five unique WordPress plugins you should know about (and install on your blog).

Captcha Garb

As much as we all hate Captcha codes, they’re a part of our life thanks to spam commenters and robots trying to take the easy way out to build links back to their sites. Unfortunately, while you’re trying to keep out the spammers, your perfectly innocent blog readers have to endure Captcha codes to comment as well.unique-wordpress-plugins

If you’re going to put them through all that work just to comment, at least make it fun! Instead of words, your reader simply needs to drag the pieces to a puzzle into their proper places. This plugin comes with more than 50 images and you can also upload your own.

Hello Darth

Anyone who has used WordPress knows that every installation comes with the ‘Hello Dolly’ plugin; it is based on the two most famous words sung by Louis Armstrong. If you’re not feeling up to the sentimental lyrics from his famous song, try the Hello Darth plugin instead.

Whenever you log into your admin panel, you’ll see a quote from Lord Vader himself in the upper right hand of your screen. You wouldn’t want to let Darth down after reading, “Don’t fail me again, Admiral.” While this plugin isn’t useful, per se, it certainly is interesting.


Based on the popular Internet meme, this plugin will RickRoll all of the videos on your blog. That means that all of your site’s embedded videos will display Rick Astley’s song, “Never Gonna Give You Up.” Who doesn’t smile after they’ve been RickRolled?

Pro Writing Aid

If you want to brush up on your grammar, punctuation and overall writing skills, Pro Writing Aid is definitely a plugin you want to install. It will check your writing for consistency, sentence length, clichés, repetitious phrases, diction problems and more.

It will also provide you with a report after it analyzes your post. The only way you can improve your writing is by knowing what you’re doing wrong. This plugin does that in a way that doesn’t crush the ego (as often happens when you ask someone to proofread your work).

Content Progress

Content Progress allows you to see the progress of your various drafts at a glance. After you determine your web design pricing and your site is up and running, it is the first plugin you should install. It’s great for blogs that have a writing team.

It auto-detects posts with little or no content, but you can also flag posts to indicate needed changes such as a post that “needs review”. You can also create custom flags such as a “needs approval” flag or an “add video” flag.

It’s also a nice plugin to have when you’re creating a blog with a lot of pages. It will let you know which documents are empty so you’ll be reminded to fill them in later.

The great thing about WordPress is just how many different plugins are available for the customization of your blog. Don’t limit yourself to the usual options – try something new. But be cautious because too many WordPress plugins can slow down the load speed of your site.

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