Tweet Low : Retweet Exchange and Twitter Followers

Tweet Low is similar to Easy Retweet and Just Retweet where you sign in with your Twitter account and submit tweets by setting up credits. When someone retweets, they receive the credit that you set. Another great place for finding people to follow and also to get twitter followers apart from getting more retweets.

I recently joined this community , and I have to say it’s working great for me so far. I’m also a member of Just Retweet and Easy Retweet , so things were pretty easy easy to understand about how they work. Founded by a good friend of mine , Efoghor Joseph , it’s one of the unique ways to get yourself more retweets and targeted followers.

tweet low

Of course , you  should probably know by now , that the best way to get more twitter followers is to offer them credits when they follow you. It’s one of the quickest way to get a large number of targeted twitter followers.

Submit Tweets and Get Started

Once you register your account on Tweet Low and confirm it , you automatically get 700 credits to your account and you can start using that immediately to earn more retweets and followers. After you’re done , submit a tweet and set the number of credits that a user gets once they retweet your credit.

tweet low

Once , you hit publish , your submitted tweets will be visible to other users and they will decide whether they want to retweet your tweet. So, overall a great place to start building some followers.

So make sure you go to Tweet Low and register for a free account. There’s no harm in it as it can expand your social media exposure. Share your views with us about this cool new service in the comment section. Already on Tweet Low , share what you like about this community and it’s features.

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