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How To Run A Website As A Side Project – While Still Having Time For Your Life

A website can potentially be a hugely profitable venture that can bring you a full-time salary and allow you to give up your day job. Contrary to popular belief though, getting it to that point and maintaining it is actually a lot of work and not something that you can sleepwalk through. Despite the fact that a website allows you to earn ‘passive’ income, there is still a ton of work to do when it comes to creating content and promoting yourself across the web – and if you don’t do that then your site will simply cease to be profitable.

That’s not to say that this is an all-or-nothing affair though, and if you don’t want to give up your day job then a website can still be a great side project that brings in a healthy supplement to your income. The skill is all in how you balance this with your day job and the demands of daily life. Read on to find out how you can more easily fit a website in around your regular routine.

Create a Program

If you were trying to improve your health while still sticking to all your daily commitments, then the way you’d do it would be simple: you’d write a program that would outline precisely what you had to do each day to get to the size and shape you wanted to be.

The same thing can work perfectly for promoting a website. All you need to do is to think about how much time you can conceivably give up each day, and then split that between SEO, design and content generation tasks. This way you might decide to post two articles to your site after work on Monday, to chase down links for an hour on Wednesday and then to send off two guest posts and touch up your site design on Friday. If you then stick to this every week, you’ll see your site gradually improve in the rankings and increase in profit.

Write About Something You Enjoy

If you’re going to be taking time out of your evenings to work then you need to make sure that you enjoy writing on that topic and that you find it interesting – or otherwise you’ll get resentful. If you truly enjoy writing posts for your blog then you’ll look forward to it when you get in and you’ll think of it as a way to relax rather than a chore.

Get Up Earlier

We all struggle to fit in all our daily tasks, and taking an extra hour out of that might seem completely unfeasible. One solution is to simply get up an hour earlier every morning. Most of us can afford to lose one hour of sleep, and that way you can still fit in everything else you would normally do in that day.


And if you still don’t have time to do everything? Then you can always outsource some of the basic tasks like SEO and web design to other companies, freeing up your time while making sure the work is done to a professional standard.

Today’s feature writer, Michael Todd, is associated with PenTech Solutions, a company providing a full range of web related services in Connecticut. He takes great pride in helping people and assists many social service groups in his vicinity during his leisure time.

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