Review : ReclaiMe File Recovery Software

Welcome to another data recovery software review here on Lion Blogger. This time I would like to introduce ReclaiMe File Recovery Software. It is one of the best software that is currently available in the market.


The software can recover any kind of files like documents, videos, audio files and most other formats. It has the ability to recover files from any type of device as well. You can recover files from Windows, Laptop Hard Drive, Raw Filesystem Drive, ReFS (Microsoft filesystem ), XFS ( used in NAS services ) and external hard drives etc.


After you install and open the software, you will get the main hard disk partition that you have on your computer. All you have to do is choose the partition you want to recover data from.


The next step is to let the software scan your file system to look for lost files.

Laptop File Recovery

If you have lost your files from your Laptop, then you can use this software to recover all your lost files. The most easiest way would be to use a bootable CD and then using that to recover your lost files.

The more complicated way would be to connect your Laptop hard drive to another machine’s motherboard via a SATA Port. You then run the software and recover the files that you want.

Raw File System

The Raw files are those files whose information is missing between the system tables. Not a lot of software has the ability to recover Raw files.


To recover the raw files you simply need to select a Raw partition and you’re all set to go.

Memory Card

Sometimes data get lost when we use our memory cards too much. It can happen by accident or due to corruption. This is where ReclaiMe comes in.


You can scan the whole drive of the memory card using the software and recover files accordingly.

USB Thumb Drives

Recovering files from USB drive is similar to the memory card. You scan the whole drive and recover files accordingly.


Recover File from Corrupted Windows

This is one of the most impressive features that you can use to recover files if the Windows does not start.

You simply have to remove the hard drive from an old location and connect it to a new motherboard to the new location. Once you have made the connection you can just recover files as usual.


The standard version comes with a price of just $79.95 and the ultimate version comes with a price of $199.95. So, make sure you check out ReclaiMe File Recovery Software.

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