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Personal Information Manager from Efficient Software

Personal Information Manager from Efficient Software is one of the best software for managing your schedule and routine. You can basically keep up with your contacts, appointments, tasks. You can create to-do lists and also keep notes.

Features of PIM :

Track Your Events :

Whether you have an wedding to attend to , or a doctor’s appointment or go to a dentist, you can keep all your events under one roof. The GUI of the software is basically similar to Microsoft Outlook and it has some navigation settings.

personal information manager

Check Your Calendar :

One of the easiest ways to check your calendar for next say 2-3 months is to use the calendar feature. You have created events they will show up in the calendar section and you will be able to schedule your other works around that.

personal information manager

Contact Manager :

The PIM software also lets you keep all your contacts in one place. You just fill up some information about your contacts and save it. That’s all there is to it.

personal information manager

Event Management :

I have already covered this part. Creating event and checking them out is very easy. You keep all your schedules in one place which makes  sure you’re ready for every one of them.

personal information manager

Tasks :

The tasks section lets you schedule reminder of tasks that you need to accomplish. You can specify a start data and a due date to make sure that it isn’t overdue. If it’s important you would not want the task to be incomplete.

personal information manager

Diary :

The diary entry section has an advanced editor similar Microsoft Office applications where you can jot down details of your day or any other important work. It can be very handy to keep notes of your important assignments.

personal information manager

Notes :

The notes section is similar to the diary section where you can keep notes or different work details. Like the diary section, it also has a very advanced editor similar to Microsoft Office Applications.

personal information manager

So, make sure you check out the software because it really is handy in managing your personal information.

The software costs only $39.95. It also has a free 30 days trial during which you can test all the functionalities of the software.

Efficient Software has up to 11 products: Efficient Calendar, Efficient Lady’s/Man’s Organizer, Efficient Diary Pro, Efficient To-Do List and so on. And each program has 2 other editions: free edition and network edition. Network edition is specially designed for SMEs to share data and improve work efficiency. More information is available at:

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