Reasons Why WordPress is An Ideal Platform for startups

Startups are the small business that is owned by a single or group of professionals. They have an idea which they want to implement it in a proper direction. There are many limitations to execute the idea and become a big brand. First is lack of capital to start a business. The idea is not enough, to begin with you need a lot of resources to start so you need funding from an external source. In this competitive world, if you are not recognized enough you won’t be getting any funding to make your idea live.

To become an entrepreneur one need to sacrifice many things and get started. The first thing that is required is to get a website. And if you are not a techie then a good website going to cost you much that you can’t even imagine. So your idea of the startup is not fulfilling. But everything has a solution here to get yourself a website almost for free also have one. You can use WordPress to create your website and get started. It is available on all platforms and gives you the flexibility to create your own website from scratch using the defined templates and much more tools to work upon and it’s for free.

So here are some key points why WordPress is ideal for startups:

1. Reliability

It is tested by thousands of testers, coders, developers all are professionals. There are the different community of people testing this and creating amazing content. It is the best content management services and is unbeatable. It uses different technologies like PHP, SQL, javascript to develop a website. It’s been around 10 years that WordPress is there in the industry and providing the solution to most of the situations.

2. Free to use

The most important fact is that WordPress is free to use by anyone. You just need to have a Google id and an application to install on your system and you are good to go. You now have thousands of default and customized templates to create your website. There are lots of free tools available to create the best working dynamic website. The Graphical user interface is favorable for everyone to use it. It can even be used by the non-programming professionals as there is a feature of drag and drop facility to create a beautiful website.

3. No lock

The best feature which is offered by WordPress. Most of the features are there in WordPress but still if anyone wants to change the platform the procedure is very easy and there is no data loss. You can transfer each and every record of your existing website on WordPress on any other platform so no locking on the old software.

4. Business websites handled

You can create the website which is suitable for all the purposes and being all-purpose it can be anything like e-commerce, portfolio, business, new sites, hotel websites etc.

5. Best for e-commerce

The woo commerce is the plugin for the e-commerce website for the tracking of everything. It gives the opportunity to expand the business in those aspects where it lacks something. There can be aspects of creating more customers or making the old customers to buy more by providing amazing deals.

6. Mobile friendly

There are situations when the website looks different in the desktop or laptop and different in mobiles. These days mobiles being an important aspect of life, 80 percent people use the mobile website only so the website needed to be optimized for the mobiles as well. If the website is not optimized for the mobile then there can be less information seen. WordPress has the javascript in it so when the websites are created, it is optimized in such a way that any type of device can be then it will adjust the content accordingly. So it can be mobile, PC, or tablet the screen size can be any type, all the information can be seen properly due to the capability of the dynamic web pages.

7. SEO ready

The main thing about making a website is to make people know about it. The more people visit the website more is the sales, interaction and more popularity. So it is very important the website to be SEO ready. The keywords can be set in a proper way then the work can be left over to the search engine optimization. It will have the algorithm and attract more viewers and more profits will be there.

8. More plugins

With the availability of more and more plugins, you can add as many features that you want to add. There can be an availability of the things released which are not there earlier, but with the help of plugins, one can add them in minutes. Plugins not only adds to the features, but also makes sure that the looks and the design orientation can be changed accordingly.

9. It is secure

Being secure does not mean it other websites can be hacked easily. But the level of security present in the WordPress sites can’t be matched by any other sites. Even the Obama foundation is made up on the WordPress. The data leak is the main concern of the sites where there is an extra level of security and the community checks for any loopholes in the sites so if any problem occurs it will be solved within hours.

10. User-friendly and branding

As the drag and drop feature is available over there anyone can develop the website with little hosting knowledge and can monitor it properly later. Even many big brands are there so when a startup is doing something can definitely become a big brand someday.

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