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10 Ways To Make More Money Regardless Of Your Current Income

Everyone can use a little more money. We all have debts to pay off and vacations to save for.

You might think that your current salary is set in stone, but there are actually many ways to augment your paycheck regardless of your current level of income.

Here are ten of the simplest ways to make that extra cash you’ve been dreaming about.

1. Freelance

If you have a career that involves any sort of trade (or if you’ve developed trade skills outside your career), consider freelancing on your own terms on the side. There’s a huge market for writers, computer programmers, artists, and designers.

You can start off by posting yourself on any of the big job boards like Fiverr, but you may find it to be slow going at first. Try to land a few jobs through networking of your own so you have a portfolio to show off.

2. Complete Online Tasks

If you’re looking for a subsidiary income that doesn’t take a lot of legwork upfront, consider doing simple online jobs. Many sites like Amazon Mechanical Turk have job boards that you can take advantage of. Most don’t pay much, but they are quick.

You can easily bring in a few extra bucks during your free time without putting in much effort. And all those little payments add up over time.

3. Take up Tutoring

You may think you need a teaching license or expertise in some academic field to be a tutor, but you actually don’t. In fact, one of the fastest growing areas of online tutoring right now is English.

Many companies exist solely to help international children (and adults) practice their English. If you have a neutral accent and a good Internet connection, then it’s easy to sign up and set your own hours.

4. Increase Your Worth

Asking for a raise is a good way to up your income without having to put in more hours at your job. But if you’re like the rest of us, then you probably don’t feel comfortable just walking up to your boss and demanding more money.

Before you approach your employer with any grand ideas about your paycheck, make sure you have demonstrable evidence that you are worth more than you were on the day you were hired.

Place emphasis on achievements that showcase your potential value to the company long-term, like one of the following :

New Skills

Beefing up your resume isn’t just for job hunting. Tell your employer when you learn a new skill or gain a certification.

Examples of going above and beyond

Try to do more than you’re asked. If you can show a track record of extra work you’re more likely to get that raise.


Show your employer that you are the go-to employee for fixing problems and getting work done.

5. Begin Blogging

Have you got a passion that you’re aching to share? Blogging can be a great way to earn easy income on the side. Ad revenue is the easiest way to make passive money off a blog, but many bloggers make cash from sponsored content, guest posts and endorsements.

It’s a wide world out there for blogging, though. You’ll fare better if you pick a niche and corner it rather than diving straight into something broad. Don’t set up Generic Travel Blog number 580,000. Instead write about something specific, like traveling around the world with small children. There’s always room to broaden your scope marketing

6. List on Airbnb

If you’re comfortable rooming with strangers, then Airbnb can set you up. You can post that spare bedroom all year round or just for a weekend here and there.

It’s very little work on your part, and you get to charge rent. You can make a lot or a little depending on your home and where you live. Some folks have even been able to make their way up to earning more than $10,000 a month, which is incredible for an opportunity that’s relatively passive.

7. Write an e-Book

Got a story you’re dying to tell? Or perhaps you’re an expert on some skill or topic. Whatever your niche, there is room for your e-Book out there.

You can publish your book online for virtually nothing. It’s a lot of work upfront, but if you market yourself well, you can have passive income set up for months, or even years.

8. Carpool

If you’ve got a reliable car you can work for a rideshare company like Lyft. You can set your availability and how much you want to work.

9. Give Etsy a whirl

If you’re the crafty sort, you can try selling your talents on Etsy. This is a little more labor-intensive than most of the other suggestions on this list, but since the shop is your own, you’re beholden to no one. If you don’t have time to make anything for awhile, then you simply mark that on your storefront.

10. Give Your Opinion

Online surveys and focus groups sometimes offer money or gift cards for participants. The best ones are usually only available in person, but if you don’t live in a big city, you can still find plenty of opportunities online.

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Christine Yaged is a co-founding partner and Chief Product Officer of FinanceBuzz. Christine launches and scales brands. She is passionate about technology, digital marketing, and people.

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