Interview : Enstine Muki of EmFastIncome – Founder of Cash Donator and EasyRetweet

Enstine Muki is the founder of popular blog EmFastIncome , the awesome CashDonator Premium WordPress plugin and the EasyRetweet.com which he recently sold to earn a big chunk of money.

An experienced PHP programmer, a professional blogger and an affiliate marketer, Enstine Muki has been able to take his blog to a whole new level in just a few months.


Read this interview to learn how he drives massive traffic to his blog and earns lots of money as an Affiliate Marketer.

What made you come into the Blogging Industry ?

Before August 2012, I never thought of blogging. I used to do my things in PHP. Infact, I just finished writing my first wordpress plugin – CashDonator and the feedback was great. Well, before now, I had EasyRetweet.com which is the bloggers’ tool that brought me closer to many great bloggers like Brian of BlogEngage, Justin of DragonBlogger, Deborah D of SocialWebCafé,etc Now,I had these tools (EasyRetweet.com and CashDonator.com) that kept bringing me closer to bloggers. That’s how I grew in interest and decided to fully get into it

Who influenced or helped you the most in taking your blog forward ?

Yes, I have come across great guys. Brian of BlogEngage is one nice guy that (maybe not knowing) pushed me forward. I remember I started guest posting on BlogEngage even without a blog of my own 😉 He was my strong point

You like to build relationship with your fellow bloggers. How important is that in Blogging ?

Relationship building is key in blogging these days. I always say that no one can succeed as an Island. Now, you are having me interviewed on your blog. That’s thanks to the fact that we are hooked in a blogging relationship. The benefits of networking in blogging are unnumbered.

What gave you the idea of creating a popular plugin like Cash Donator ? Also, can you please let us know what it does ?

When I created EasyRetweet.com and came to know many bloggers, I understood making money is one of the main reasons some bloggers blog. So an idea popped up and I said why not do enstine-mukisomething that will help bloggers cleanly and neatly generate income while blogging. So I put in some time with the help of some blogger friends to come up with this plugin.

In fact, it’s the only plugin I use to manage sales and ads on my blog right now. It helps me manage and insert ad boxes everywhere on my blog post without sounding desperate. With this plugin, I was able to make money the very first week I started bogging. This is what most bloggers don’t get. I use it to manage 6 different ad type on my blog.

You’re no doubt a Twitter fan. Can you throw some light on how you got the idea for creating an awesome site like Easy Retweet ?

EasyRetweet is not my first Twitter App though. Earlier on in 2010, I created a Twiends-like app which did good. To make this a bit different from Twiends, I added a function that enabled members to retweets for credit. As time went on, this seemed to be in higher demand. So I sold out the app and re-did the retweet function to what later on became known as EasyRetweet.

Last I heard, you sold Easy Retweet. May I ask why ?

Yes, EasyRetweet was sold in December 2012. I needed to raise funds for an offline project and EasyRetweet was the quick fund raiser.

Apart from social media, what are your other sources of traffic ?

While Social media is a good source of my referral traffic, I do get a great deal of it from blog commenting, guest posting, forums, SEO and my list

What are your main sources of income ?

I have some apps I have done for some companies in my country that pay in some recurring income. I also do more on demand apps (mostly offline), I used to create websites before but sincerely, I’m out of time for such.

Online, I earn money from affiliate marketing (through my blog and other ways), PHP jobs, WordPress jobs, and I also have some reports that constantly sell on some forums and micro job sites. I’m not leaving out CashDonator and adsense.

Affiliate Marketing or Advertisements, which one do you prefer when it comes to making money online ?

All these need a huge deal of targeted traffic to make money. Truth is, Affiliate Marketing however can generate more income than advertising. With good traffic, I prefer AM. An ad space that is sold for $47/month can generate more income through commission.

You recently organized some pretty big giveaways which got a lot of attention. How has that helped you and your blog ?

Yes, I must say that giveaways (Cash Prize contests) pull a lot of attention. The $75 cash GiveAway got over 1100 retweets and 255 comments. You can imagine what this means in terms of exposure. I got so many mails from like-minded bloggers, I built more relationships and got a great deal of traffic to my blog

You recently published an ebook. Can you tell us what the books are about and how one can acquire them ?

Well, it’s actually a short report I wrote on a killer method to turn your blog into a money generating monster. I’m using this same method on my blog and seeing results. It’s actually free but you have to opt into my list to download. Just get to my blog for it.

Which blogs would you recommend to read for new and probloggers alike ?

I can recommend EmFastIncome.com, BasicBlogTips.com, BloggersMakeMoney.com, ComLuv.com and of course your own blog which I know has good info for starters. I have a list of some other big blogs but this won’t help starters.

Any last advice you would like to give to new bloggers who are just starting out.

Yes, of course. The journey is not for the lazy. There is a lot of smartness that’s needed. Don’t try to copy someone. Try to bring out your own identity and be know for it. You will sell.

Connect with Enstine Muki

Blog : http://emfastincome.com
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/enstinemuki
Twitter : https://twitter.com/enstinemuki
Google Plus : https://plus.google.com/104766055954150000811

I would like to extend my sincerest Thanks to Enstine Muki for taking some time out of his busy schedule for this interview.

Over to you.

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