Blog Web Hosting : Cheap vs. Affordable

Cheap and affordable does not  mean the same thing. There are fundamental differences that separate them and when it comes to getting blog web hosting services that you need for personal or business use, it pays to know the difference between the two. Cheap means low in cost or inexpensive.  Affordable on the other hand, means being within one’s financial means. Cheap hosting is usually hosting, that has a really low price, but the quality of the services may be low or there maybe a lack of services, which makes it easier to make the price really low.web-hosting

No one wants to pay more money than is necessary but, we have to be sure that we make decisions wisely;  not based on price alone. It can be tricky to balance such decisions without advice from a BAS agent. Opting to choose cheap instead of affordable can be detrimental to your blog and/or your business.

When it comes to finding the best quality web hosting, we must choose companies that charge relatively inexpensive rates but provide a sufficient and suitable level of services that can accommodate your website and give you room to grow. Too cheap and we may get too little for your money’s worth and your website may suffer due to a lack of services and support.

Why you should avoid cheap Web Hosting ?

While cheap  is what most bloggers aim for when they began their search for web hosts, there are reasons why this is not the best path to success. For one, companies that offer cheap plans will often make cuts in order to make a profit. Those cuts are usually the reasons that cheap web hosting can cause issues down the line. Web hosting companies may lower prices by cramming too many web hosting accounts one server. This practice can greatly degrade the quality of service.  Your website may be slow to return requests and experience frequent down time. They may also impose a litany of limitations on your hosting account. Resources like disk space and bandwidth may be rationed and spread between too many accounts. Sub-par resourcing can contributing to the lack speed and responsiveness of your data transfer and storage.web-hosting

By the reports made from https://www.unoeurorabatkode.dk/, the reader understands that server security is usually another area that cheap hosting companies make cuts in in to offer really low prices. Lack of security leaves your website vulnerable to hackers. You may experience server breakdowns, causing downtimes that in turn, can make a huge dent in your potential profit or brand exposure.

One of the worst things about cheap web hosting is the fact that technical support is usually close to nothing because these companies will choose not to hire tech support personnel. You don’t want to choose a web hosting company that does not have excellent tech and customer support. Even if your an experienced webmaster, you want a partner that you can rely on for support.  Cheap web hosting may leave you with a website that’s useless, but also with an unimaginable profit loss.

It is easy for new bloggers to be lured with free or extremely cheap web hosting services but here are some website insights on what to look for in a web hosting company that can offer you affordable rates but not cheap services.

Customer Support

First , look for a company that offers a lot of customer support options.. You want many ways to be able to contact them. Most quality web hosting companies will offer contact by phone, email, support ticketing system and live chat.

In addition, they should have a knowledge-base section as well as an F.A.Q. section and maybe some video tutorials. When you have a lot of questions it is nothing more frustrating than not getting the right answers and even more frustrating when you can’t get any answers at all.

Disk Space

Second, give some consideration to disk space. Most quality hosting companies will offer you unlimited space. Of course there is a limit, but you need to be sure that your hosting company can provide your website enough space to make sure that you get at least 20% more space  than what you’re currently using or want to use. Always plan in room for growth and expansion.

Even if the company does not offer unlimited space, they still may be a good choice. Just be sure that you are getting the proper amount of space that you need to store all your blog’s files and have ample room to grow as your file count does.


Third, consider the amount of  bandwidth offered. Bandwith is the amount of data your website can pass to your customers over a period of time. Cheap or not, remember that you will also be charged for excesses in your limits so you need to make sure you know the elements that will make you exceed your usage limit, i.e. using more videos and graphics than HTML for example.
If your website allows users to download files or upload files, this may cause your website to use increased bandwidth. Quality web hosting companies will often offer unlimited bandwidth. Just as with disc space, there is an actual limit, but it should be a limit that your hosting company can assure that you will not hit and in the event that you do, they should be able to allocate more resources to your website.


Fourth, there’s your uptime. Uptime is the amount of time your hosting server is up. Most hosting services announce huge figures like 99.9% uptime, the truth is hosts will still go down. You want to choose companies that offer the best guarantees if that happens.

A hosting company with several data centers can add more stability to their network and give the host the option to reroute traffic in the event that a server goes down. This can reduce your website’s downtime dramatically in the event of server failure.

Coding and Programming

Finally, you need programming services. Find a web host that offers PHP and mySQL as inclusions in their plans and not ones that you have to pay separately for. It also helps to look for companies that offer services beyond hosting like domain names, web analytics tools and an application installer.  Tools like analytic tools and application installers are of great benefit to bloggers. With analytics you can analyze your web traffic which is very important when try to target certain demographics.

Application installers allow you to easily install blog platforms like WordPress and many other useful web applications that can enhance your web property. These extras can be the difference in you being able to manage your own website and having to pay for a ‘pro’. Pro’s don’t come cheap and for many individuals and small businesses, they are not affordable.

Keep these tips in mind and you’ll be able to find affordable web hosting services you need for your blog.

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