How To Level Up Your Instagram Marketing Strategy In 2021

On Instagram, up until recently, one post’s performance is measured by the total number of likes on that post. But nowadays, brands move one step ahead, and they look into their performance metrics and start tracking saves, comments, shares, story views, and even DMs to recognize the performance of their content. These are not as difficult as you may think. One of the best way to drive up engagement is to use a unique and catchy social media handle. It is not always possible to come up with catchy handles. Services such as instagram name generator can help with generating social media usernames which can help to make your social media profile stand out.

This article is designed to share 8 ways that can level up your Instagram marketing strategy in 2021. 

1. Create Savable Content

Instagram shares, comments, and saves are essential than ever. So one of the best ways to level up your engagement is to create content that makes your audience tap that save button. 

If the audience saves your content, they can easily revisit it again and again. It is easier than finding a favorite piece of content in your profile’s whole collection of content. 

You have to keep in mind that before creating savable content, you have to think about what is more important to your audience and what they will find value in. It can be anything, including funny memes, infographics or inspiring quotes, etc. 

2. Make Use Of Instagram Stories Stickers 

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Every day 500 million Instagram accounts use Instagram stories. This number will also grow in 2021. 

Stories stickers are the prominent way to encourage your followers to connect with you through chat and send their experiences and opinions. It will help you to create a faithful following and feel they are connected to your brand. 

Here are the two important types of stickers you can use for engaging your audience is 

Question sticker: this will help your followers to ask questions to you. It will be a great opportunity for your followers to get much information about your products and know your brand better. 

The Quiz sticker: Instagram lets you share multiple choice questions in the trivia-style and track the results. If your followers answer for the quiz, they will be able to see the right answer, and you are also able to see the total number of votes received for each option. 

Other than these, Instagram has many different types of stickers. You can also make use of them to get more engagement from your audience. 

3. Test And Analyze Regularly 

Best content plans on Instagram always come out from the experiments. So you have to test and analyze your content regularly. Some ideas to test your content are 

Regularly test new types of content, including memes, user-generated content, quotes, mini infographics, or even photos and videos that could be great on your stories and grid. Experiment with video types like Instagram story videos, IGTV, and Instagram Reels. Testout different styles of stories also, because Instagram story views gain attention from audiences all over the world. Test different types of content and the important thing is, don’t forget to check your Instagram Analytics regularly. 

4. Open Up About Your Brand And Business 

One of the best ways to get more engagement and authenticity is to open up about your brand and business in front of your audience. Many brands and businesses are getting popular by showing a more real, honest, and vulnerable side to their business and brand. A great level of authenticity will build a strong connection with your audience, resulting in more engagement. 

5. Write Longer Captions 

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Time spent on your post is one of the factors that affect the performance of your Instagram posts. So the easiest way to improve your Instagram algorithm is by writing longer captions. 

According to the research, the average length of the caption has doubled since 2016. So the longer captions will get more engagement. By 2021 posts On Instagram will be filled with captions with an average length of 405 characters and equal to 65-70 words. 

Pro Tip: Instead of filling the caption with emojis, write full sentences to increase engagement. 

6. Create Shareable Content

One of the handy features in Instagram is that users will share your post to their Instagram stories or even DMs. It will help you to reach even more people. The fundamental thing is making content that encourages your audience to repost it. Similar to saveable content, they are also highly related to the needs of your audience. If your content is more shareable, it will increase Instagram Impression for your post. So think about your reach and impression and create more engaging content.

7. Find Your Best Time To Post

There are many ways to increase engagement, but posting when your audience is most active is an easy way to achieve a goal. According to the Instagram algorithm, it loves posts that generate more engagement in a short period and move that post in the first of your follower’s feeds. To find the right posting, you can use Instagram analytics. It will automatically calculate the best time to post by using seven top posting times on your best posts from the recent month. 

8. Hashtags are Everything

If you want to level up your Instagram marketing, hashtags play a vital role in driving more people to your posts. You can use famous and trending hashtags related to your post. Instagram allows you to add 30 hashtags to your post. So you can make use of this feature and increase your engagement. 

Final thoughts :  

There is no denying that Instagram is a competitive palace, but there are still tons of ways to increase your engagement. So try to incorporate these tips into your Instagram marketing strategy and see how your audience responds. 

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