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Five Must-Have Features For a Customized Sales Application

Businesses all across the globe are undergoing a digital transformation, thanks largely to the ongoing pandemic. This push is only brought about by adopting new digital technologies, such as an innovative robot vision system, and replacing the existing outdated ones with the latest innovations. Another step in this digital transformation direction is enhanced mobility with mobile apps.

Businesses are implementing mobile apps, as it has made it easy to access bleeding-edge technologies in the palm of the hands.The sales department of any enterprise is one of the key areas for any business, as it what keeps the cash flowing in.Thus, businesses should opt for customized apps for the sales department, as these apps are developed specifically for their business operations. But what features should a customized sales app have?

Here’s a look at the must-have features businesses should have in their custom sales app:


The app should have a clean user interface that is intuitive and easy to use. The sales team usually comprises individuals from different backgrounds. Each has its own level of technical expertise. Thus, not every salesperson might be able to use the app if the user interfaceis complicated. Businesses might have to spend time, money, and resources to train individuals.

Even then, employees might find it difficult to use the app. Thus, when opting for a customized sales app, ensure that the app is simple to use and allows employees to complete their tasks in the shortest and easiest possible manner.


The app should have geolocation capabilities. Sales teams are always on the field, and tracking individual employees can become tedious and non-feasible. But, with geolocation, managers can easily track the movements of their employees. Every smartphone today has GPS capabilities and the sales app can leverage this technology for employee-tracking. It helps bring transparency as the app will show the employees’ real-time location. This ensures that employees are at the designated location.


Security should be of paramount importance in a sales app.Businesses must ensure that the customers’ and employees’ data are safeguarded against cyberattacks, and the data always remains confidential. The data should not be accessible to anyone outside of the organization. Here are a few ways businesses can ensure security for their mobile apps.

  • Biometric logins for accessing the app.
  • Data encryption.
  • Device information is attached to the app for individual employees.
  • Constant software updates improving security.
  • Automatic background updates that don’t interfere with the working of the app.
  • Data recovery capabilities.
  • Secure cloud services for storing data online.

Offline capabilities

Salespersons don’t need to have an internet connection every location they visit. But, this should be a barrier for the salesperson to update data in the app. Thus, businesses must ensure that the sales app can be used even if it has no access to the internet. Many business apps, such as Google’s G-suite, have offline functionality that syncs the data once the app has access to the internet.

Google provides offline support for desktop, iOS, and Android mobile apps that allow users to work with or without an internet connection. Businesses must also ensure that the sales app has the capability to work offline to enable salespersons to use the app uninterrupted.

Multi-platform support

In today’s day and age, there are many mobile operating systems available for the consumer. Depending on the financial situation, businesses might not be able to provide employees with mobile devices that run on a single mobile operating system. One might have to rely on personal devices to use the sales app. And it is a high probability that the employees will have mobile devices running different operating systems.

That said, the sales app should be able to run on Android, iOS, and Blackberry devices. The app should have the same look, feel, and user interface across operating systems.

Statistics dashboard

The sales app should have a statistics dashboard that enables to check KPIs in real-time. Real-time monitoring helps in streamlining your sales processes. It helps with budget allocation, goal tracking, and decision-making, to name a few. Some of the KPI’s that the app dashboard should include are:

  • KPIs for individual salespersons, companies, and customers.
  • The top-performing salespersons in a particular period.
  • The ability to track goals daily can improve decision-making based on the statistics.
  • Easily identify low-performing salespersons to improve their performance through training.

These features are essential as they provide functional capabilities to the app and ensures that it is not a gimmicky product. These features help you track the sales team and operations efficiently and ensures that every sales goal is achieved easily.

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