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Communicate With Your Customers With Scribble Video

Scribble Video helps in creating simple explainer videos through the use of simple artwork and a background voice over so that your customers come to know what you’re about. Communicating properly with your customers is essential. Communication is the key to having a fruitful relationship between the service provider and the customer. And having a fruitful relationship benefits both. The more customers you have the greater the revenue. With greater revenue comes better opportunities to expand. The door to getting new customers open up with expansion. So, you can see how everything in interlinked. However, to do all these you need to make the most of it with your existing customers.

Scribble Video can play an important role in providing a better service to your customers. It makes use of simple art and a simple video to explain to your customers of what you’re about and what you can do for them. Scribbles are very simple to understand. Scribble Video makes use of scribble style art and whiteboard animation video to convey your messages to your customers.

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There’s actually 5 stages to get your video prepared by Scribble Video.


Briefing is the formal process of getting more information about what you want to convey to your customers. You will be given a questionnaire which you will need to fill up with as much details as you can. Make sure you provide accurate details as to whom the video is for. Also, provide details on what product you’re trying to bring forward in front of your customers. It’s also necessary to let your customers know what your product is capable of achieving and how it can help their business.

Apart from these, you can also provide your product documentation and presentations to Scribble Video so that they would get a better picture of your products and services and how customers can benefit from them.


Storyboard is the process of converting all the information you provided into a simple artwork. This also includes a narrative text to make it clear to your customers what you’re selling. In fact, this is the most crucial step in the production of your Explainer Video.


Once Scribble Video is done with the Storyboard, the video will be given to you to make any changes as you see fit. It will be like an open document where you’re free to make any changes to the images and the narrative text. Once you have made the changes, you can hand it back to Scribble Video.

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After you add all the corrections, Scribble Video will start producing the video. All the animations of the artwork are done at this stage and a professional voice actor will provide the background voice over. Together, they will form the final video.


Once the video production is complete, Scribble Video will hand it over to you in any format you desire. It will be a full HD video to ensure quality is optimum and crystal clear. Your customers would also love a video which is easy to look at and provides a crystal clear message.

You can check out some of the explainer videos they have on their website just to get an idea of what they look like. So, make sure you check you Scribble Video as it’s really cool.

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