Facebook Groups: Do they really bring traffic to your blog ?

Facebook groups are known for bringing traffic among bloggers. But do they really ? Well, it depends on how you look at it. It’s been a week since I joined some facebook groups containing hundreds of members and some even thousands. But I still have yet to get some traffic from them.

After a week of thorough research, I have found some possible reasons on why you might not get substantial amount of traffic from facebook groups even though they may have hundreds or thousands of members.

1. Too Many Members

The main problem with all these groups is that they just contain too many members. I’m not saying that having too many members is a bad thing but, there’s a downside to it. It can give someone the false hope of getting a huge traffic just by looking at the sheer number of members, which is not the case.


There’s also another disadvantage which is not all the members are active. The main reason for that is none of the members are concerned about sharing posts of others. Everyone is focused on sharing their own posts which makes the whole group unproductive and useless.

2. Members are Lazy and Inactive

Most of the members are not even active enough to share the post of others. Even if there are thousands of members in a group, chances are maybe only a handful of bloggers are sincere enough to share their own quality content and the other’s.

On inactivity, I would like to say only a handful of members actually share posts. For a week, in a group of 3,000 members, I only saw very few members actually sharing anything.

3. Shared Posts are not Re-shared

Recently, I joined a Blogging group on Facebook, which has nearly 3,000 members. The most surprising thing is that the posts don’t even get liked let alone be shared.

For the facebook groups to work, everyone needs to be active. That’s the only way to get traffic to your blog and for others as well.

4. Members are all over the place

This is another important reason for not getting traffic from facebook groups. If you’re say in 5 facebook groups, chances are that you will see some of the same members in all the other groups. This is not bad or anything. But from the content perspective, nothing new is going to popup infront of you.

When someone writes a new post, then it is shared on all the groups. Therefore, you are also seeing that same post in all the groups which can become very annoying after a few days (seeing the same content everywhere).


A group of only 10 active people can be much more effective than an inactive group of thousands of members. I’m a member of such a group which has only 5 members ( all of them are established bloggers). And I get more shares by them than any other groups I have recently joined.

Over to you.

Do you have any knowledge or experience with some facebook groups which you have found to be ineffective ? Share your story with us in the comment section. We always welcome feedbacks.

Author: Lahaul Seth

A programmer and a web developer, he is the founder of Lion Blogger. His main hobbies are web design & development and providing writing services to clients.

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  1. Many of the groups with thousands of people on Facebook are usually inactive and simply occupying a space. I would prefer a tight knit group of 20-30 folks who are focused on a single goal.

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  2. Here’s another reason why you don’t get much traffic from the groups you post in. With some suggestion for getting better results. Some are better then others. And the amount of members has nothing to do with it. Here’s why… http://bit.ly/GIEVEQ

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  3. I can just confirm what you are saying in this article. I know of sites which has groups with more than 1000 fans, but when posting something to this groups only 20 people actually the what is posted (due to inactivity) and those who see it is not really interested either. SO I totally agree with what you are saying in this article!

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  4. nice tip mate hope this will help me to increase my blog traffic thanks for share

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  5. The biggest issue is that there are lots of fake accounts in every Facebook group. And fake members won’t give you traffic.

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    • It can be a issue, that’s why you need to find groups which has only active members and where you will have the maximum benefit sharing your posts.
      Thanks for stopping by, Dmitri.

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  6. i believe it is true lahaul…i myself didnt know how many groups i had joined a while back and facebook’s idea of anybody can add you to groups is disgusting…recently started cleaning up and now i m only in a few groups and active in which i m a member of!

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    • It’s better to join a group that has active members and where you can be active as well. Thanks for stopping by, Gautam.

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  7. Hi Lahaul Seth first of all its a nice post i want to tell you that you are right. if there are 500 members in a group and everyone is a blogger then every blogger will try to post his own link and all we have to do is re-post same link twice or thrice after alternate days. In some groups there are some pinned post commenting blog link on the pinned post will be most helpful.

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  8. I’ve been a member of many Facebook groups and I have found them to be filled with people just looking to get links to their content and not actually contribute any good information to the group.

    However, if you can find a good, active group, I would assume it would bring some traffic.

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  9. Hi Lahaul Seth ,
    Yes , Facebook Group brings more traffic to our blog ,But it all depends on the Active members in the group .Few many Open and read and may not It al depends on members in the Group 🙂 Thanks for Sharing 🙂

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    • Hi Srikanth,
      Thanks for stopping by and sharing your views. 🙂
      BTW, checked out your site and it’s pretty good. Sensational theme is pretty good for any blog. Good luck and congratulations on starting your blogging career.

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  10. Hey Lahaul,
    That’s a good analogy.
    Just belonging to these groups and posting links generally does not work. There is need for engagement with other members. I’m member of over 23+ groups now and I’m developing ways to know which ones bring in more activities and then drop the rest.

    However, If you share and comment posts in these groups, you’ll get the same results. That will really attract members to you. But if you are just posting links and turning off, others will turn off on your links too. It’s not enough to be a member. To see results, be active in sharing, commenting, liking.

    One other great way these groups are important is that you really come in contact with some great posts. What I do often is that I follow them, leave comments on the blogs and let the owners know I found them on Facebook. Now that’s very important and makes many members to pay attention to your posts and visit your blog. That’s how I work to generally get traffic from groups.

    Now, belonging to a group of few active members is very encouraging. I’m owner of one of such groups that used to be very interesting. We had specific golds – to share, like, comment each other’s post. Now that works well if all the members keep to that.

    I’m begining to get more results from these groups. The only key is to do what you expect others to do for you
    Happy weekend bro

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    • Thanks for sharing your views and experience. Even if I’m not receiving any traffic from them now, it still has huge potential to increase your readership if used effectively.
      Thanks for sharing the tips, Enstine. 🙂

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  11. Hey Lahaul,
    I am finding the same results. I am in a very small (4 people) group on FB of moms just like me but our blogs all compliment each others. I not only love reading their blogs, I love to share, comment and then go back to FB and have discussions with them. We re really becoming friends. I love it.
    The large groups are ok, if everyone will share. But that can almost be impossible if there are 1000’s of people.

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    • Hey Allie,
      Groups like that are worth more. You not only get more shares but are also able to discuss things like social media strategy or marketing tips. They are more effective than any group with thousands of members.

      Thanks for your comment and have a great weekend.

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  12. You’ve hit all of the right tones with this list. I’ve pared down many of my prior group memberships to those that are less in number but very active.

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      • I’ve definitely given up on all groups activity on Facebook. especially since they meter out how much is dispersed among the larger groups.

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  13. Hi Lahaul,
    Great Post! Social Media is Really Matters For Blogging Traffic. Many Point you have Covered About Problems with Promoting or Share Articles on Different Facebook Groups.. Thanks For this Nice Information. 🙂

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  14. Excellent point. I love the fact that you raised the point that most of these groups are out to self-promote and NOT give anything in return. I’m apart of a lot of FB groups and only when I see some great content will I see it. However, I have to admit, and I may be wrong for doing this, but there aren’t a lot of posts out there that I think are worth sharing. However, I love this post and people need to see this. Great job…

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    • Hey Lanell,
      You’re right. There aren’t a lot of great posts out there. Also, I think most just join these groups to get traffic and when it doesn’t come to them, they simply ignore that group.

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  15. Really interesting point. I belong to a lot of FB groups. I have developed some loyal followers that way, but your’e right, of 3 groups its the same people in all 3 groups. And even though it’s a large group it’s always the same maybe ten that post and comment regularly. I think I”ll try focusing on those smaller groups!

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