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Facebook Groups: Do they really bring traffic to your blog ?

Facebook groups are known for bringing traffic among bloggers. But do they really ? Well, it depends on how you look at it. It’s been a week since I joined some facebook groups containing hundreds of members and some even thousands. But I still have yet to get some traffic from them.

After a week of thorough research, I have found some possible reasons on why you might not get substantial amount of traffic from facebook groups even though they may have hundreds or thousands of members.

1. Too Many Members

The main problem with all these groups is that they just contain too many members. I’m not saying that having too many members is a bad thing but, there’s a downside to it. It can give someone the false hope of getting a huge traffic just by looking at the sheer number of members, which is not the case.


There’s also another disadvantage which is not all the members are active. The main reason for that is none of the members are concerned about sharing posts of others. Everyone is focused on sharing their own posts which makes the whole group unproductive and useless.

2. Members are Lazy and Inactive

Most of the members are not even active enough to share the post of others. Even if there are thousands of members in a group, chances are maybe only a handful of bloggers are sincere enough to share their own quality content and the other’s.

On inactivity, I would like to say only a handful of members actually share posts. For a week, in a group of 3,000 members, I only saw very few members actually sharing anything.

3. Shared Posts are not Re-shared

Recently, I joined a Blogging group on Facebook, which has nearly 3,000 members. The most surprising thing is that the posts don’t even get liked let alone be shared.

For the facebook groups to work, everyone needs to be active. That’s the only way to get traffic to your blog and for others as well.

4. Members are all over the place

This is another important reason for not getting traffic from facebook groups. If you’re say in 5 facebook groups, chances are that you will see some of the same members in all the other groups. This is not bad or anything. But from the content perspective, nothing new is going to popup infront of you.

When someone writes a new post, then it is shared on all the groups. Therefore, you are also seeing that same post in all the groups which can become very annoying after a few days (seeing the same content everywhere).


A group of only 10 active people can be much more effective than an inactive group of thousands of members. I’m a member of such a group which has only 5 members ( all of them are established bloggers). And I get more shares by them than any other groups I have recently joined.

Over to you.

Do you have any knowledge or experience with some facebook groups which you have found to be ineffective ? Share your story with us in the comment section. We always welcome feedbacks.

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