Klout : The Best Tracking Tool For Your Social Networking Updates

Most people would say that Klout is a score which is a measure of your influence based on the engagement level on your social media updates. But after studying Klout for the last few days, I have come to realize that it is not only a score but it can also be used like a tracking tool. If you want to know, how good it is, then I would say it is the best there is.

Why Klout is the best tracking tool ?

Klout is a tool which measures your influence on different social media sites. The measurement is based on the engagement level you receive on your social media updates. Now, the reason why it is the best tracking tool is simply because you get to study the engagement on each of your individual post on your individual social media accounts. klout

This is only possible when you connect your social media accounts to Klout. The only disadvantage is that you cannot  have both your Facebook account and your Facebook page linked to it. You can only choose one. So, the best bet would be to connect your Facebook page because that represents your brand and you need to expand it’s reach as far as possible.

Some of the other social media accounts that can be connected are Twitter, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Google+, Blogger, WordPress.com, Flickr, Instagram, Youtube etc. Think about how much data you can collect from a single account on Klout of all these sites.

How Klout is the best tracking tool ?

Now, that you know something about Klout (if you didn’t know) , let’s get on with how it is the best tracking tool. Once, you connect your social media accounts to it, share updates on them, you will receive statistics based on the engagement level (likes, +1s, reshares, retweets etc.). The best thing about this tool is it tells you where your major engagement level occurs.

For example, you if you get the most engagements on Google+, then it will have the maximum percentage of the data that contributes to your Klout score.


It also gives you the data on how many reshares , +1s , likes and tweets occurred on your updates.


The most impressive display of this tool is that you can directly see who engaged on your post and who mentioned you in a post. Below is an example image of engagement on my recent posts.


So, if you observe the effectiveness of this tool, you should know by now that it is the best tracking tool there is.

Why you should use Klout ?

Now that you know how effective Klout can be in tracking your updates, let’s get on with why you should use it.

For bloggers like us, targeted traffic is important because that’s where money comes from. This tool can help you target exactly who you want to target. For example, you would know from this tool that whatever you’re sharing on Google+ is getting some sort of engagement but there isn’t any on Facebook. You would then shift your attention to Facebook.

You would also know exactly, who is and who isn’t engaging with you and on which social media site. That’s a job half done – knowing your audience which is crucial for anyone.

That’s why I would recommend anyone who has an online business of some sort to use Klout.

Over to you. Tell us what do you think about Klout. We love getting feedbacks. You can add your views in the comment section.

Links to some more information about Klout :

Author: Lahaul Seth

A programmer and a web developer, he is the founder of Lion Blogger. His main hobbies are web design & development and providing writing services to clients.

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  1. Thanks Lahaul for this precised review. I have used many social media tracking tools in the past but always ended up with tools telling me just no. of likes, shares, tweets etc. However, Klout sounds to be interesting and I am surely gonna give it a shot tonight 🙂

    Thanks for sharing again.

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  2. This emphasizes a key feature of Klout. You hear the echo in the social media. So often in liking or sharing you get no feedback whatsoever. The stone drops down the well and you hear nothing. Klout seems to be a slightly imperfect tool but it’s a good summary indicator of how well you’re doing in social media.

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  3. Hey thanks a lot i was really unaware of such software. Thanks for the post. Nice post i enjoyed a lot :-)..

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  4. Unfortunately for me? I think Klout isn’t that accurate. There is no real way to track your “true” Social Media presence online. They are using a custom algorithm to figure this out – and it is nowhere near accurate. It is like Google Analytics – it tracks what the javascript reports back and doesn’t show true traffic numbers.

    I do agree that Klout is great as a Social Media barometer. You can get a loose idea if what your doing online is being noticed. Plus I like Klout for the Perks you can get if you get your numbers high enough. I use Klout as an incentive to keep up my Social Media presence – and take the number it spits out with a grain of salt.

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    • I think the score isn’t as important but the little tweaks in their process of collecting data, like you mentioned could be modified. Let’s just hope that it gets more accurate ….

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  5. Lahaul,
    I have this love/hate relationship with Klout. But that is how I feel, that doesn’t matter. What does matter is the fact that I can see who i engage with so whether or not i am reaching my target audience. What an amazing tool for that.

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    • If you look at Klout, to observe who and who isn’t engaging with you then it’s a really good tool. But if someone gets obsessed with the Klout score, then that’s a different matter. Thanks for the comment, Allie. 🙂

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