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Show Laser Lights Rentals and Services by Laserworld

Laserworld is a company which is focused on lasers. You could rent laser lights, buy laser lights. They also ship lasers internationally. LaserWorld is a Swiss corporation and they have been around since 2007. They also provide services in case of events which requires lasers.

show laser
Rent Show Laser Lights from LaserWorld


1. Individual Laser Show Solutions – It includes setting up the stage with different types of lasers and creating the required atmosphere.

2. Standardized Preset Laser Show Solutions – It includes general conception of the show and on site setup sketch – Selection of an existing lasershow from a show pool, together with the customer.

3. Individual Live Laser Performance – It also includes general conception of the show and on site setup sketch with setup of lasershow equipment on building as per request.

Water Effects

Combining water with laser is a great way to create 3-D illusions for your guests. Most guests get mesmerized with such kinds of effects. When the laser lights are refracted in water, they generate extremely beautiful looking 3-D illusions. Some of the water effects with lasers that LaserWorld provides are :

1. Water Screen
2. Water Shield
3. Water Fountain or Water Jet
4. Water Sprout Fountains

Here’s a video that you should watch.


Show Laser Installation and Implementation

To make the integration seamless, it is necessary to have the right people working. In this case, the LaserWorld’s Bocatec people help with the integration no matter what the venue is. For more details, you can just contact LaserWorld at : [email protected].

Apart from these, there are many other different kinds of services they provide. Some of their products that they sell online are top knotch. So, if you’re looking to buy show laser light or rent them, LaserWorld should be your first choice.

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