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A Complete Guide To Use The New Facebook Page Insights

If you didn’t know, Facebook has recently launched a new page insight features which is extremely useful for those who are looking to get more from their facebook pages. This new Facebook Page Insights has got everything you need especially for social media marketers who wants to analyze everything what they share.


The overview section of the new facebook page insights basically shows you all the details about your page in a compact manner . It shows the total no. of likes, no. of new likes , total reach of your posts and the engagement level.

It also shows the increase in the percentage of everything which includes the no. of new likes and your engagement level of the posts. This details can be crucial if you want to achieve something using your facebook page.

new facebook page insights


The page section gives you a detailed analysis how your page performed over a period of time. It shows how many likes and how you have got them. It also shows your post reach, page visits etc.

The page likes section is a very helpful section if you’re serious about the growth of your page. It provides details on new page likes , how your likes increased overtime, how many new likes you got on each day and where your likes came from.

new facebook page insights 2

The post reach section gives you an overall details on how your facebook page updates have performed over time. It also shows likes, comments and unlikes which is good because you can track the status of your page. Too many people unliking would mean you’re doing something right and people liking mean you’re doing something right.

new facebook page insights 3

The page visits section lists out your page visitors and their referrers. Direct page visits would very likely be less because people usually don’t visit the pages. Whatever they do, they do it in their news feed and if your page can squeeze in a update among those hundreds of others, that’s the key.


The posts section gives you the details about your post’s reach. But the real winner in this section are the details about when your fans are online and on which day. For example, my page insights show that maximum fans of mine are online on Sunday at 9pm. This knowledge is priceless if you are promoting something that needs attention. This is by far the most useful thing Facebook has created in the recent times.

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new facebook page insights 4


The people section is another great feature which Facebook has recently created. It basically shows you all the information of your fans, people you reached and the people you engaged. All the details have been broken down into age and gender , geographical locations like countries and cities etc.

new facebook page insights 5

All of these details exists for your fans , people you reached and the people you engaged. All of these information can really help in taking your page forward, making your updates more effective to get the maximum reach and so on.


If you’re a blogger , social media marketer or an online marketer and if you haven’t checked out these new features you should definitely check them out. All of these informations can help to skyrocket your page likes and your exposure as well.

What do you think about these new features ? Share your views with us in the comment section.

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