What are the advantages of video blogging ?

It is also known as a vlog, and involves doing what you would normally do with a blog, but putting it in a video media format. As you may imagine, this does create quite a few extra dimensions to the whole blogging arena. Instead of conveying things via words, you now have to convey things via words, audio and visual. Video Blogging can be very effective if you know how to use it. Platforms like Newsflare can help to to expose your work to the biggest brands and media organizations. Make sure to upload on newsflare to increase the reach of your videos.

It is easy to lose people as readers, but even a disengaged person may skim read parts of your written blog and possibly regain interest, but with a video blog you cannot skip through whilst still getting the gist of what is being said / conveyed. You either need a fully invested person or your blog does not get watched (or at least, you are only watched for seconds).

You get to engage with people who do not enjoy reading

Lots of people are not big fans of reading. There are even fewer people who will want to do it recreationally. However, since watching a video requires very little thought, there are often more people who will watch a video. You are able to engage with this portion of the online community in a way that you cannot with a written

You may make it more entertaining with video blogging

A video has the potential to be entertaining. Text has that potential too, but video has a much broader appeal. You may add music and good actors in order to make your video blog more entertaining. You may also add in humor in a way that is not compatible with written text. This is because you may use timing and suspense to build up to a punch line.

It does not require any effort on the part of the viewer

If a viewer does not have to think or concentrate, then there is more chance that the user is going to take part. A blog post that is written requires the user to read through and forces them to pay attention if they want to get through the blog post. This is not the case with video blogging.

They are ideal for bloggers who are not very good at writing

Very few people are good writers, and the sad part is that most people do not know that they are terrible at it. If the blogger is self aware, then he or she is going to know if he/she is a good or bad blogger. If the blogger is not very good at writing, then he or she has the option of being a video blogger.

It is easier to make a video go viral

Viral videos are far more common than viral written content. People are often very willing to share video content, but are often not as good at sharing written content. Plus, written content is often only shared around a small group of interested persons, whereas video content may be shared across a massive range of people. Many people are willing to share video content with people they do not even know, whereas this is rarely the case with written content.

You do not have to worry about duplicate content

If you duplicate written content online, then you need to be careful because Google may penalize your website and the associated websites under their duplication rules. However, with video content these rules do not apply. You may post the same video on as many websites as you like and Google will not try to punish your website in any way.

You gain exposure on different networks and platforms

You may place the videos on other websites and social media networks such as YouTube and Daily motion. You may place your video on websites and networks that are optimized for video. You may target the people who enjoy video, and the good thing is that this in an audience that a written blogger may never appeal

Some tutorials are simply too complex to put into words

It is often hard to follow written instructions, and if the process is particularly complex or alien to the user, then there is little chance of the user picking it up without some difficulty. A video on the other hand may show the tutorial in a step-by-step fashion, where people will not only have the words, but will also be able to see what to do at each stage.

This is especially handy if you need to explain something and then explain why that something needs to be done. A stop and start method of teaching is hard to master via text, but is easy to pull off with video.

Blog reviews are sometimes better on video blogs

The fact that you may add music and visual stimulus makes a video review more engaging and entertaining for the user. You may show images of the thing being reviewed, and may show the product in action. You may review digital media and splice parts of it into your video blog to make it easier to watch and more entertaining.

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