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Over the period of last few months, Teliad has become one of my most favorite platforms to make money online. Teliad is a link building and blog marketing platform. It provides advertisers an opportunity to promote their products and services and bloggers make money in return.

What differentiates Teliad from other blog marketing platforms is the pure no. of options it gives to the bloggers. Most of the other platforms only provides the option of text link within an article. However, Teliad provides a wide range of options like Blog post, Advertorial, Video Marketing, Infographics, Press Releases etc.

How To Create An Offer

Each of the choices above comes with an option to make an offer. Basically your offer will contain the price that you’re willing to set. However, the price must be according to the popularity of your blog. The most important parameter is the Google Page Rank. Lion Blogger has a PR of 2, so it generally receives offers in the range of $100 per post. Along with the PR, some other factors are also considered.

Teliad has an automatic calculator that tells you the best price range you can have for your offer. The best bet would be to set a price in that range. If your offer price doesn’t go along with the popularity of your blog, you may not get any booking at all.

You can set different price for different options. For example, you can set $100 per blog post, $110 per video marketing, $105 per infographics and so on. However, your price must go well with the popularity of your blog. More traffic your blog gets, higher the price you can set.

Blog Posts

Blog Posts are one of the most common ways to monetize your blog. Basically, an advertiser makes a booking against your offer. When a booking is made the advertiser provides relevant details about the product that the publisher needs to highlight.


After you have written the article, you need to integrate the article. Basically what you have to do is submit the url of your article.

After integration, it will be checked by Teliad, and after that, your payment will be issued monthly over a period of 1 year to protect both the advertiser and publisher. It is simple actually. If a $100 booking was made, you would be sent $8.33 per month for a period of 12 months.


Advertorials are editorial content in the form of advertisement. An editorial content can be anything – an article, a column in a newspaper. The basic aim of the advertorial is to promote products.


In Teliad, you don’t have to write the post yourself. The advertorials are provided by the advertisers themselves. The advertisers keep in mind the theme of your blog and the type of content that you write. Advertorials can be published in two ways – as an advertorial and as a guest post.In either case, they are marked with the type of the article that you’re publishing. In both the cases, the advertisers, send the article to you and you publish it like any other post. Once you have done this, you need to integrate it within Teliad.

Press Releases

Writing Press Releases is one of the most popular ways to make money online. Teliad has been smart enough to capitalize it. Writing Press Releases for a company isn’t easy and it requires a lot of convincing because it pays a lot. But with Teliad, an average blogger also has the opportunity to grab Press Release writing gigs.


Similar to advertorial, the press release article will be provided by the advertiser and the blogger simply has to publish it as a new post on their blog.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is similar to an advertorial except with  a video content. Advertisers generally look for popular blogs to promote their product demos as well as videos. Video marketing has become very popular these days and more and more advertisers are choosing to go with video marketing.

Like the above cases, the video will be provided by the advertiser and if you run a popular blog, you can publish it and earn money in return.


Infographics when created in an intelligent manner are very effective for reaching wider audience. They are a combination of information represented in a graphical format. In most of the cases, infographics are easier to understand. In this case both the summary text and the image will be provided by the advertiser.

Some of the advantages that you get :

  • Free commercialization for bloggers
  • Fair and fixed fees not based on clicks and views
  • Added value for your readers
  • High demand
  • Prices are defined within a generous price range
  • All booking requests are non-binding.
  • You retain your editorial independence.

Does it work ?

To prove that Teliad does really work, check out the screenshot of my two $100 offer that I have received in the last 3 months. That should be convincing enough.

Teliad Offer #1


Teliad Offer #2


Before I conclude the article, I would like to share a few facts about Teliad to convince you further to join this awesome platform.

1. It’s the largest content marketing Platform in Europe.
2. It supports 5 languages: English, German, French, Italian and Spanish (, .de, .fr, .it and .es).
3. You get offers from 30+ languages
4. It was started in 2005
5. More than 8000+ independent bloggers and 30000 webmasters use teliad to monetize their blog.

So, make sure you check out Teliad, as it really can be a easy source of money, if you’ve got a popular blog.

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