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Now Anybody Can Make Money From Google

Google launched the Adsense program back in 2003, which enabled publishers to make money from Google either by per click or per impression. Google Adsense and Google Adwords complement each other. Advertisers pay money to Google to show their ads on relevant websites and the publishers get to display those ads and make money ( publishers are only accepted into the program after a strict review of your application ).

In Nov, 2013, Google launched yet another program known as Google Helpouts which in simple terms means video tutorials from experts on their respective fields. You get ‘real help from real people in real time’. The experts listen to your problem and provides you with their opinions in solving your problems. The Helpouts is integrated with Google+ profiles of experts making the entire process more professional and authentic.

How Google Helpouts work

Google Helpouts in some ways is similar to Google search. First you need to go over to the Helpouts homepage and then search for the topic you need help on. Some of the main categories that are shown on Helpouts page are

  • Art & Music
  • Computers & Electronics
  • Cooking
  • Fashion & Beauty
  • Fitness & Nutrition
  • Health
  • Home & Garden

These are the major categories. So, if your problem is related to one of these you can easily search for it and check out the recommendations.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for something more specific, then you can use the search option and when you type in something it’s going to show you a list of suggestions based on your input.

make money from Google

When you have done searching for your problem, you will then need to choose the best expert from a list who will be able to solve your problem. Chances are that you will find some tutorials that doesn’t cost anything i.e FREE. You may find that some experts prefer to teach people for free to increase their brand authority.

But, most of the experts have to be paid to get their advice. Different experts have different rates and experts can also have different rates for different time durations. The rates also differ w.r.t categories.

How To Select The Best Experts

Most experts have two rates. One is given per minute and another one differs from expert to expert. Some may have rates of each 45 minutes , some may have 15 minutes , some may have 30 minutes. The thing to remember is experts are not available 24/7. It’s impossible. So, what experts do is leave a time stamp of when they are going to be available online again. Some may not have provided any time. In that case you can request a time from the expert.

make money from Google

When it comes to selecting the best expert for your problem, you need to use the thing that we always do – Reviews & Comments. Yes, Google does provide that opportunity to rate experts and also provide comments on their performance.

When you open an expert’s service page, first you will see how much experience they have, how have they performed on previous works and how they intend to find a solution for a specific problem.

It is absolutely essential that you check out their reviews and the comments they have received for the work they have done.

make money from Google

How You Can Make Money From Google Helpouts

The most impressive thing about Google Helpouts is that anybody who is an expert on something, can provide their service and earn money. It doesn’t matter whether you’re good at cooking, fixing computers, fixing cars – the only criteria is you need to be an expert. You don’t need a degree or anything else.

The beginning may be slow but once you get a nice reputation going, get some good feedback and some nice reviews, you’ll be on a roll. More and more people will look to you for advice.Click here  to get The Paid Expert

If you really want to take advantage of Google Helpouts and need some more tips, I suggest you check out a video course which has been recently launched by Joel Comm who a decade ago told the world how to make money from Google Adsense.

If you didn’t know, Joel Comm is actually a legend in the field of Internet Marketing. He is also the New York Time best selling author of the book – Adsense Code.

So I recommend, that you check out his video course.

Some of the tutorials that you’re going to get when you buy the course are :

  • Beginning Video – What is Google Helpouts and how to register yourself
  • A back-door technique to get yourself approved fast without waiting
  • You will also get to learn how to configure your videos
  • How to properly schedule your interview
  • How to stay in control during the actual helpout session
  • How to schedule listing availibility
  • Money Making Technique videos
  • Also some bonus video tutorials

In total, the video course consists of 36 detailed tutorial videos to become a master instructor and make money from Google Helpouts. So, make sure you check out the video course.

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