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How To Write Blog Posts That Increase Conversion Rate

You are a great and talented blog post writer. However, you find it hard to attract the traffic you require for your blog posts. With the high number of websites writing similar blog content, you need to be astounding. Your Content needs to be the best online. That will help you gain your target traffic online once you post a new blog post. It is if you follow the following rules that will increase the conversion rate.

To seek for professional help, you can contact the essay writer. They will help you in increasing your conversion rate. The following are ways on how you can write a blog post that increases the conversion rate.


Whom are you writing the blog posts for ? That is the question you need to ask yourself before you post a blog online.

When you write a blog post, you need to put yourself in your reader’s point of view. You need to know what they want, what will attract them, and what can make them read your blog. For your blog posts, you need to specify your audience. There’s no way you can generalize your audience. You must pick a specific type of audience.

Remember you are looking to convert the visitors on your blog to boost your business. Therefore, you need to study the right audience that will finally lead to an increase in revenue for your company or product you are promoting.

Let’s say that you are a lifestyle blogger. This niche is broad. Hence, you must narrow it down to a specific like beauty, food, arts, relationship, travel, entertainment, or health and fitness. By doing this, you will be able to attract the attention of your target audience. Whether you are a starting blogger or an experienced blogger audience is key to the rate of conversion of your blogs.

Eye-Catching Headings

You are writing for human. The headline is the most important. The main objective of why you write blogs is to get traffic on your blog. One thing you need not forget is the headline. You may have a very captivating content in your blogs, but the headlines are not attractive. That will make those viewing your website not bother on reading any blog.

While writing your title, remember your audience will judge the blog according to your claim. For the increase in conversion rate, you need to write the best a mouthwatering headline.

Social Proof

You are trying to market your products to increase sales. However, you think that people will order your products because they are well packaged or look attractive. Your blog visitors need to see proof that you are selling a high-quality product. Once they see evidence of other customers who have bought your product, they will convince them to buy your product.

For your blog to become trustworthy, you need to have comments. Also, if it is shared by many people who read it, the next person who will read your blog will automatically share it on their social media platform. Social proof is more psychological. I know your blog is new to the internet, and you might be wondering where I will get social proof?

To make you grow the conversion rate of your new blog, you need to do the following.

  • Post article on high authority websites and backlink your blog. That will make you get people who read your blog. It will also show how your blog content is credible.
  • Comments by experts. You need to lower your self-esteem and ask experts to help you comment on your blog. Once a viewer sees an expert like Neil Patel’s comment on your blog, then they will automatically read your blogs.
  • You can also show proof of companies that you have worked with. You can provide logo proof of companies like HubSpot and other lead content companies.

By doing this, you are guaranteed to have your conversion rate increase.


The images you use on your blog determine the Content of your blog. However, this is not necessary. Images help readers understand your blog content and will make reading your blog due to the photos you use.

The thing you need to consider while uploading images on your blog are;

  • Quality

Are the pictures on your blog high-quality? That is what you need to consider first. What I mean by high-quality is they can attract a reader’s attention.

  • Provide Additional Information

Is the image providing additional information about your blog? When inserting an image, ensure they conform with the blog content. It will help the reader understand more about your blog.

  • Web Compatibility

With technological advancement, people use different gadget to access information from the web. Therefore, for your blog, you need it caters for all people. Ensure that it works well like mobile or desktop site.

The influx of smartphones in the market means many people have access to it, and they use it to access the web. Therefore, to get hold of such potential customers to ensure your website can work both as a mobile and desktop website.

Engage the Reader

You need to consider yourself talking to your reader when writing a blog. If you read Content by essay writer, you can notice they involve their readers. That makes them feel comfortable and part of your blog. Use real-life examples that might be happening to them.

Engaging your audience in each piece of your blog ensures that they always read your posts from start to end. To achieve this, ensure all your blog posts are still conversational. They will also lead to an increase in conversion rate.

Search Engine Optimization

What is search engine optimization? That is a question you might be asking yourself. Don’t worry if you don’t understand what SEO let me simplify it to make you increase the rate of conversion of your blog.

To increase the Quality and quantity of your website, you need to optimize your blog. It also increases the ranking of your website on search engines. The following things are what you need to consider as SEO is considered.

  • Keyword

For your blog to rank high on search engines, you need to find the keywords you add on your blog. Do keyword research about your niche before writing a blog post.

  • Inbound Links

You need to interlink your blog content. If you have several blogs, you can ensure you link them in different blogs on your website.

  • Content

Your blog content should be exceptional. That will make your blog attract many people who read your blogs and lead to high conversion rates.

  • Landing Page

For SEO purpose, your landing page should be unique. Inform your blog visitors what they expect from your blog. Don’t input many things on your landing page. Ensure it communicates for your blog.

For a start you can begin with a landing page then add other as the number of visitors to your blog grow. That will help you in increasing your conversion rate. Always keep your landing page precise.

Use of Bullet Points, Sub-Titles, and Short Sentences

Your blogs should not be in a continuous format. Break the title into several sub-titles. That will make your reader enjoy reading the blog. It also helps the reader understand different things about your blog topic.

Use of bullet points and short sentences is to give the reader time to relax while reading your blog. Currently, blogs have adapted this criterion and its working well as many people find it easy to read long-form blogs without getting bored.

Load Speed

That works perfectly with web compatibility. The time your blogs takes to load is essential. No one wants to spend time waiting for a site to load. That is usually boring, and visitors tend to quit and look for information for high-speed loading sites.

Despite how delightful your blog is the loading speed of your site is necessary. Work with experts always to ensure your load speed is still okay.

Call to Action

Your blog has been very informative and exciting, and your readers need to know what they should do after reading it. You need to specify what they will do for you at the end of your blog. You may ask them to leave a comment, share, follow your social media handles, or buy your items. For most blogs that have a clear call to action, readers always find it easy to do as requested.

Final Verdict

You need to attract more visitors to your blog. Yes, this is what every blogger wants. However, missing crucial tips tend to slow your conversion rate. Nevertheless, consider your slow conversion rate outdated of you use the above tips. They will help you to sell your products and gain revenue with time.

Also, consider this a gradual step. If you are a new blogger, don’t expect results instantly but work to improve your blog posts daily. Once you start earning, you will appreciate the time you took. With no much say, I know you love this blog. Please share with your friends and family who have blogs too.

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