How To Upload File To Server Using PHP & Save The Path In MySQL

When it comes to uploading file, the best way to do it, would be to upload the file to a file server and save the path of the file in the database. In this case, I have used PHP to upload the file to a directory and save the path of the file in the MySQL database.

Basically, you will need a simple HTML form and a PHP code to upload the file. So, here’s the HTML form.

form method="post" action="upload.php" enctype="multipart/form-data">
    <p>File :</p>
    <input type="file" name="Filename"> 
    <textarea rows="10" cols="35" name="Description"></textarea>
    <input TYPE="submit" name="upload" value="Submit"/>

And here’s the PHP code. Do note I have also added the logic to check whether the file is already there in the destination folder before the upload takes place.
	$fileExistsFlag = 0; 
	$fileName = $_FILES['Filename']['name'];
	$link = mysqli_connect("localhost","root","","fileupload") or die("Error ".mysqli_error($link));
	*	Checking whether the file already exists in the destination folder 
	$query = "SELECT filename FROM filedetails WHERE filename='$fileName'";	
	$result = $link->query($query) or die("Error : ".mysqli_error($link));
	while($row = mysqli_fetch_array($result)) {
		if($row['filename'] == $fileName) {
			$fileExistsFlag = 1;
	* 	If file is not present in the destination folder
	if($fileExistsFlag == 0) { 
		$target = "files/";		
		$fileTarget = $target.$fileName;	
		$tempFileName = $_FILES["Filename"]["tmp_name"];
		$fileDescription = $_POST['Description'];	
		$result = move_uploaded_file($tempFileName,$fileTarget);
		*	If file was successfully uploaded in the destination folder
		if($result) { 
			echo "Your file <html><b><i>".$fileName."</i></b></html> has been successfully uploaded";		
			$query = "INSERT INTO filedetails(filepath,filename,description) VALUES ('$fileTarget','$fileName','$fileDescription')";
			$link->query($query) or die("Error : ".mysqli_error($link));			
		else {			
			echo "Sorry !!! There was an error in uploading your file";			
	* 	If file is already present in the destination folder
	else {
		echo "File <html><b><i>".$fileName."</i></b></html> already exists in your folder. Please rename the file and try again.";

So, that’s it for this tutorial. Stay tuned for more.

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