How To Notably Enhance A Site’s SEO Rankings in 2021

Information from Google shows that 53% of consumers in the United States must conduct a product search before they fully make up their mind about whether to purchase something or not. This is precisely why we should continuously work on improving our search engine optimization (SEO) rankings. The latter determines if our sites appear in search engine results pages (SERPs) after a user’s question. The higher we are on that list of displayed web pages, the more chances we get to impress prospective customers and skyrocket sales.

SEO is a necessity for any online business or website that wishes to gain more traffic that results in leads or sales. For example, any industry will want to conduct SEO practices from the likes of real estate agents to the likes of Bail Bond Webmasters that own websites for Bail Bond companies in different countries. You will also find that there many companies or agencies that can handle the SEO of a company website, some of these agencies supply SEO for any given niche, while others specialize in a specific niche and clientele.

The ways I’ve mentioned below are super handy when improving a website’s SEO rankings. I started using them several years ago, and today, my site is always at the top of SERPs.

Prioritize Relevant and Optimized Content

Creating relevant, optimized content is one way I use to boost my website’s SEO rankings. Search engines use a procedure known as indexing to categorize the content. Through it, these tools only display content that is relevant to a specific user’s query.

I leverage various practical tips to optimize the relevant content that I publish on my site. One of them is incorporating multiple keywords and placing them naturally within the text. Other ways I use to optimize my site’s content include the following.


Visuals such as images and videos are critical during content optimization because they increase user engagement. They also help my clients to understand my services better.

Call-To-Action (CTA)

During my first few SEO classes, I learned that well-optimized content must be action-oriented. It’s an efficient tactic to solicit more conversations. Therefore, I include relevant call-to-actions in my content, depending on the topic. Sometimes, it could just be a simple phrase such as “Watch our video about “topic” today.”

Increase Website’s Loading Speed

Another great tip I use to enhance my site’s SEO ranking is improving how quickly the pages load. A site’s loading page directly impacts its SEO. Users don’t want to wait for ages to read the content they’re looking for. I take advantage of Google’s PageSpeed Insights to know how fast or slow my website loads.

If the loading speed is slower than usual, helps me identify the factors causing it. Then, I begin working on the page speed issues. Some strategies that can improve a site’s loading speed are:

  • Minimizing the file size of web pages
  • Compressing images
  • Reducing HTTP requests
  • Finding a better, more efficient host
  • Deferring JavaScript loading
  • Getting rid of any inessential 3rd party scripts

Build a Link-Worthy Website

Search engines crave link-worthy sites. Making a site link-worthy is all about inserting relevant links within the published content. When improving my website’s link-worthiness, I use descriptive links, i.e., those achieved through linking keywords. They are crucial because they enhance my website’s SEO ranking. They also enable my visitors to attain more valuable details regarding a particular topic. Once you have completed some of these SEO processes and your page has been crawled again, you can then check the metrics of your site by using online metric tools of your choice. Here’s a list of other things I do to ensure my website is link-worthy.

  • I avoid “click here” links because they lack search engine value
  • Avoid using URLs as link texts
  • Link one or two words, and not a letter
  • Ensure that the linked phrases are short but still have out-of-context meaning

Update Content Regularly

Search engines perceive websites that keep updating their content as relevant to users. Hence, I refresh my content frequently to improve my SEO ranking. I take my time to identify the pages whose details I should improve based on aspects such as their bounce rate, traffic, and time-on-page. Then, I look for better keywords to include in the fresh content and revise my headlines. Before finalizing this process, I proofread the content to ensure the new information is accurate and there are no errors.

SEO is a critical aspect of my website. I use techniques such as optimizing content and including relevant links to ensure that I’m at the top of SERPs. With a high SEO ranking, I get more traffic and clients every day. This has enabled me to grow my online enterprise and work towards attaining my full potential.

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