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How The Cancelled Pagerank Update Affects Nofollow and Dofollow Links ?

As far as I’m concerned , pagerank is gone. So, those who are going for link building from high PR sites would be very unhappy about this. Google hasn’t officially announced anything though, if they have permanently dropped PR or are just modifying their parameters to make it even better and make it less manipulative. Anyway, if the pagerank is dropped then it will affect the way the webmasters use nofollow and dofollow links. Here are a few scenarios on how the cancelled pagerank update affects nofollow and dofollow links.

This is going to be a short post on what I think.

Dofollow Links

Dofollow links are meant to allow the search engine crawlers pass through to the page that you’re linking to. When search engine crawlers pass through them, so does pagerank. The How The Cancelled Pagerank Update Affects Nofollow and Dofollow Linksgeneral concept is not to give too much dofollow links to outbound pages because they lower your own PR of internal pages. That’s why it’s never advisable to nofollow internal links.

So, if the whole pagerank  concept is dropped, where does that leave dofollow links ? If you don’t have PR what’s the purpose of having a dofollow link if there isn’t any PR to pass.

For some old sites, say 6 months old ,those who managed to get a PR in the last February, 13 update , and much older sites which have high PR, what’s the point in still having them if they aren’t important for ranking higher in the search engines. PR has not been a ranking factor for quite a while now, or I wouldn’t have ranked on the first page with PR 1 for some keywords.

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Nofollow Links

Nofollow links are meant to stop a crawler passing through to the page which you’re linking which also stops passing pagerank juice to that page. Nofollow links are meant for linking to a page which you may not trust completely.

If PR is dropped, like the dofollow links, what’s the point of having a nofollow link ?


By conclusion, we can say that if PR is scrapped there is not much use for dofollow and nofollow links. Only Google can tell what’s their use or if they will scrap nofollow and dofollow altogether with PR as well.

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