Google Brings In Material Design To It’s New Gmail Android App

Google updated it’s Gmail Android App yesterday with a new sleek design and a more user friendly UI. The highlight of the update was however, the app’s added support for other email clients.

Now users can add other email accounts like yahoomail, icloud, aol, outlook etc. Gmail has added the IMAP / POP support so that users can add as many account as they want.

gmail android app

However in saying that, I do think there are a few rooms for improvement. The first would be an ‘Unified Inbox’ similar to how BlueMail has done for their Android App.

When people have multiple email accounts, it is a bit annoying to go to each account by selecting them individually to check for new emails. An ‘Unified Inbox’ would certainly help when you just want to check for new emails. This is where BlueMail wins hands down. They actually have added both the options – Unified as well as the individual option.

Gmail android app

Google has also added more user friendliness by bringing out the compose button outside. You can just scroll through your mails and get into writing one just as easily.

This is probably the first step in bringing it’s new programming language ‘Material Design’ into the Android platform. With the new Android Lollilop being rolled out today to all the Nexus Models it’s just a matter of time before all the devices are updated. Lollilop is supposed bring in a lot of UI changes to make it more user friendly.

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